Science CH 4

  1. Name f5 types of mass wasting?
    • 1. soil creep
    • 2. avalanche
    • 3. landslide
    • 4. mudflows
    • 5. rockfalls
  2. What is a mudflow?
    • 1. Most fluid and fastest type of mass wasting.
    • 2. Rapid movement of loose soil, saturated with water
  3. What is an avalanche?
    • 1. When ice and snow abruptly dislodge from a mountain face.
    • 2. Sometimes a result of a sharp noise
  4. What is a landslide?
    When a huge amounts of rock or soil suddenly slide down a slope.
  5. What is a rockfall?
    When individual rock fragments break off the side of a cliff because of gradual weathering like exfoliation.
  6. What is the main agent of chemical weathering?
  7. Fan-shaped sediment deposit the mouth of a river into the sea?
  8. Term for area that separates two river systems?
    drainage divide
  9. Term for one of numerous streams that feeds into a river at various points?
  10. Term for a network of underground cavities?
  11. Term for the sediments carried by a stream?
  12. Term for ridge formed when a river drops sediments along the edge of its channel?
  13. Term for a large channel in the ground that cannot be repaired by ordinary cultivation?
  14. Term for one of a series of winding, looping curves in a river?
  15. Fan-shaped deposit of sediments at the mouth of a dry steam bed in the desert?
    alluvial fan
  16. Term for a region where limestone is exposed and abundant?
  17. Name two major types of glaciers?
    • 1. continental
    • 2. valley (alpine)
  18. Suspension, saltation, and creep, in which wind transports sediments, are what type of processes?
    aeolian processes
  19. The period of Earth's history which more of the surface was covered by glaciers than at present?
    Ice Age
  20. Term for sharp, steeple-shaped point of a mountain with three or more cirques cut?
  21. Term for scratches in bedrock that were produced by glaciers?
  22. Term for how a hill formed when a glacier overruns its old deposits of broken rock?
  23. Term for heap or ridge of till left by a retreating glacier?
  24. Term for large hole in the ground left from the melting of a chunk of glacial ice?
  25. Term for huge bowl-shaped depression dug out by a valley glacier?
  26. Type of weathering involving the breaking or peeling away of rock into layers?
  27. Term for the feature formed by streams merging and flowing toward the sea as a large river?
    river system
  28. Two general types of weathering?
    • 1. chemical weathering
    • 2. physical weathering
  29. Term for a glacier-carved valley that fills with seawater?
  30. Type of weathering that occurs when rainwater soaks into cracks in a rock and freezes, splitting the rock?
    ice wedgin
  31. Which natural acid, found in rainwater and ground water, promotes chemical weathering of rocks?
    carbonic acid
  32. Pillarlike structure of rock formed when the middle of a sea arch collapses?
    sea stack
  33. What is produced when a sea cave is eroded continually?
    sea arch
  34. Term for deposits of clay and silt left by a sandstorm.
  35. What is the most important effect of wind erosion?
  36. Term for Natural processes that break down rocks.
  37. Narrow, sandy islands that lie off the coast of the mainland?
    barrier islands
  38. Term for the eroding action of windblown sand?
  39. Large, funnel-shaped depression in the ground caused by cavern collapse?
  40. Ice sheets smaller than continental glaciers?
    ice caps
  41. Long pile of rocks deposited parallel to the shore to stop erosion?
  42. Spirelike mass of dripstone on the floor of a cave?
  43. Method of erosion prevention that modifies a smooth slope into a series of level, stairlike steps?
  44. Carrying away of rock fragments, such as by wind or running water?
  45. Most common rock associated with caverns?
  46. Term for particles too heavy to be lifted by wind that are rolled in sort bursts?
  47. Region of land drained by a stream or river system?
    drainage basin
  48. Curve shaped lake formed when a river is cut off from the rest of the river?
    oxbow lake
  49. Large stream that carries water from the mountains to the sea?
  50. The source of a river?
  51. Land that borders a river and is covered by river water during a flood?
  52. The vertical face of rock that forms when the sea erodes land?
    sea cliff
  53. Limestone formations that have become filled with various passageways and large caves?
  54. Deep cracks that develop on the surface of a glacier?
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