Rhetoric QUOTES

  1. Sayers
    • Inventio
    • "The first obligation of the Christian carpenter is to make good tables"
  2. Corbett
    • Definition of Inventio
    • The discovery of argument
  3. LaRusso (Definitions of Inventio)
    The transformations of our perceptions of the world into something available for discourse
  4. Newman
    • Five levels of learning
    • Nothing is more common than for men to think that because they are familiar with a word that they understand what the ideas stand for
  5. Arnold
    • 5th Level: Wisdom
    • Rhetoric is about the discovery of ideas, not persuasion alone
    • levels of learning
  6. Augustine (fear of the Lord)
    A man fearing God always seeks His will
  7. MacDonald
    • old woman teaching princess in the woods and fear is the only motivator
    • fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom
  8. Proverbs 2:5
    fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom
  9. 1 John 4:18
    Perfect love casts out fear
  10. Cicero (Learning broadly)
  11. Isocrates (Learn Broadly)
    • To give sound advice to the State
    • Character choices are part of what it means to be educated
  12. Lipton
    • Lauren Lipton: Lessons of a Lost Education
    • talking about how she didn't retain anything she learned in high school and now basic knowledge she does not know
    • learn broadly
  13. Bernstein
    • Former teacher writing about the problems in today's education
    • no writing skills
    • people only tested kids for the AP
    • learn broadly
  14. Jones
    • Greeks versus Romans articles
    • Greeks>Romans
    • but romans always win :(
    • habits and inheritances
  15. G.K. Chesterton (habits&inheritances)
    making the familiar unfamiliar
  16. Langer
    • mindlessness: when we merely engage habits
    • mindfulness: what we want to do
    • habits and inheritances
  17. Morrow
    • rescuing ourselves from particular information
    • learning how to say no to bad things
    • habits and inheritances
  18. Keller
    • everyone should live three days without sight or sound
    • don't feel bad because you are sighted, take advantage of it
    • first and last/habits and inheritances
  19. Ueland
    • we waste too much time being our theoretical self--the part of us that just wants to please others
    • first and last/habits and inheritances
  20. Percy
    • How can the great suck of self ever hope to be a fat cat dozing in the sun?
    • first and last
  21. Williams
    • Way of Affirmation: This also is thou (moving closer to Jesus)
    • Way of Negation: Neither is this thou (saying no to things that are not godly)
    • first and last
  22. Scott
    • Rhetoric is epistemic, rhetoric is not just a way of conveying knowledge but of discovering it
    • Relationship to Invention (moving up levels)
  23. Bitzer
    • Rhetorical situation requires two things:
    • 1. invites discourse
    • 2. discourse must have a potential impact
    • ALSO what you strive for is the 'fitting response'
    • exigence
  24. Aristotle (Facility of Discernment)
    school is to teach kids what they ought to like and dislike
  25. Farrell
    • when you acquire a skill, you acquire all the virtues of that skill as well
    • the characteristic virtue of rhetoric is discernment
    • status/facility of discernment
  26. Hebrews 5:11-14
    • be a sponge and a hose
    • constant discernment weans of the milk of mere reception
    • status/facility of discernment
  27. Quintilian
    • An Sit: FACT
    • Quid Sit: DEFINTION
    • Quali Sit: VALUE
    • Status/Tests of Discernment
  28. Corbett (Common Topoi)
    • Definition
    • Relationship
    • Testimony
    • Comparison
    • Circumstance
  29. Packer
    • goodness of contemplating God
    • the best studier of man is not man--it's GOD
    • God Topoi
  30. Augustine (Knowing God)
    • you have made us for yourself and our heart is restless until it gets to you
    • 1. God's Word
    • 2. God's Character
    • 3. Obedience to God
    • 4. Recognizing God's Past
  31. Merton
    • only man who has faced despair knows he needs mercy
    • under means/God
  32. Wordsworth
    • Let nature be your teacher
    • topoi//nature
  33. Sanders
    owl article
  34. McKibben
    • topoi//nature
    • 70 TV stations/24 hours solitude
    • it's not what we get from TV it is what we lose
    • 1. deep sense of limits
    • 2. life requires sacrifice
    • 3. cyclical
  35. Hopkins
    • what is all this juice and all this joy?
    • talking about spring/being excited about nature
    • topoi//nature
  36. Lewis (Nature)
    nature does not teach you because you bring to it the knowledge you already know
  37. Dillard
    • there are lots of hidden pennies to be discovered
    • cultivate a healthy poverty so that you find joy in finding the penny
    • topoi//nature
  38. Barrett
    narcissists are the worst rhetors because they forget the most important point--the AUDIENCE
  39. Bonhoeffer
    • When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die
    • know thyself//Self
  40. Lewis (Self)
    • in the presence of God we either forget ourselves or think ourselves dirty little objects
    • when we meet a humble person all we think is what a great person who took interest in me
  41. Pascal (Self)
    • we have both an angel and a beast
    • love the angel and hate the beast inside of you
  42. a'Kempis (self)
    • consider none more frail than yourself
    • learn the proper sorrows of the soul
  43. GK Chesterton (Self)
    we are both men (humanity) and human (sinner)
  44. Booth
    • Topoi//others
    • consider authors to be kindred spirits
  45. Lewis (Others)
    • past>present in terms of books
    • old books have stood the test of time
  46. LaRusso (Others)
    the deeper I go inside of me, the closer I get to you
  47. Dimnet
    never read--always study
  48. Clark
    • Topoi//Special
    • as we see more related topoi, we are increasingly seeing connections b/w things...we are learning, in a word, how to think
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