Sociology ch. 9 terms

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  1. Bureaucracy
    Large hierarchical organization governed by formal rules and regulations and having clearly specified work tasks
  2. Division of labor
    Specialization of different people or groups in different tasks, characteristic of most bureaucracies
  3. Free-rider problem
    Tendency for people to refrain from contributing to the common good when a resource is available without any personal cost or contribution
  4. Hierarchy of authority
    ranking of people or tasks in bureaucracy from those at the top to the bottom
  5. Multinational corporation
    Company that has manufacturing, production, and marketing divisions in multiple countries
  6. Oligarchy
    System of authority in which many people are ruled by a privileged few
  7. Social dilemma
    Potential for a society's long-term ruin because of individuals' tendency to pursue their own short-term interests
  8. Social structure
    Framework of society- social institutions, organizations, groups, statuses and roles, cultural beliefs, and institutionalized norms- that adds order and predictability to our private lives
  9. Tragedy of the commons
    Situation in which people acting individually and in their own self-interest use up commonly available, but limited, resources, creating disaster for the entire community
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