BSO SPM Chapter 13-16

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  1. 13.1.2 What are the ICJS Responsibilities?
    Plan and develop training programs; Notify employees of required and available training; Maintain training records; Assure required training programs are attended; Implement training programs; Select instructors; Evaluate and coordinate training programs.
  2. 13.1.3 What are the BSO Training Committees?
    Law Enforcement Training Committee, Detention Training Committee, Fire Rescue Training Committee, and Civilian Training Committee.
  3. Who makes up the LE Training Committee?
    (1) one member from each district/division/section within DLE selected by the respective district/division/section commander.
  4. Who makes up the DOD Training Committee?
    (1) one member from each facility/specialized unit within the Department of Detention, selected by the facility/unit director.
  5. Who makes up the FD Training Committee?
    (1) member from the Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services or as specified in the collective bargaining agreement.
  6. Who makes up the Civilian Training Committee?
    (1) one member from each of the departments, selected by the respective department director.
  7. Who do the training committees report to?
    All Training committees report to the ICJS Director except for the Fire Rescue Training Committee which reports to the Assistant Fire Rescue Chief.
  8. 13.1.4 What sources are used to develop the training program?
    Administrative staff reports and meetings;Training committee reports and ICJS evaluations; Staff/line inspection reports and Internal Affairs investigative reports; In-house surveys; Field employees and observers; Departmental operations analysis and recommendations, CALEA, CFA, FCAC, NCCHC, and ACA Standards, as well as other accrediting bodies; Sheriff or designee.
  9. How many times the training committees meet annually?
    DOD is quarterly; All others is semi-annually.
  10. 13.1.5 Attendance--Court? Retakes? Dress Code?
    Court-excused absences must be accompanied with subpoena copy; missing more than 10% will result in a retake of the course or segment; dress code is casual business attire.
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