Bio Psych test 2 part 5

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  1. What is a NMJ
    Interference of a motor neuron terminals with muscle fibers

    Ach causes sodium/calcium entry through nicotinic muscarinic receptors, and is at every single NMJ

    activte actin/myosin
  2. What neurotransmitter and receptors mediate movement
    The Basal Ganglia System
  3. where are motor nerve somas
    In the brainstem
  4. What does the spinal cord mediate
    controls skeletal muscles in response to sensory information (controls voluntary movement)
  5. What is the pyramidal system?
    axons from motor neurons in cortex, down brainstem/medulla pyramids, to spinal cord (corticospinal tract), to motor neurons in ventral horns

    they all synapse at the ventral horns

    most neurons send axon out ventral roots to muscles
  6. What 3 areas of cortex mediate movement?
    Precentral Gyrus (M1), premotor cortex, SMA
  7. What 3 areas are considered the extrapyramidal system? (basal Ganglia)

    interconnecting modulating movements

    mediates direction of movement, initiation of movement, movements learned (contrast to movement due to sensation)
  8. What 3 areas are considered the extrapyramidal system? (Cerebellum)
    modulates movement, error detection

    guides movement by inhibition (motor/non-motor learning)
  9. What 3 areas are considered the extrapyramidal system? (Brainstem nuclei)
    reticular formation, red nucleus
  10. What is the Biology underlying some motor disease
    ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)

    motot neuron loss (caudal to rostral progression)
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