CHW Midterm 4

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  1. Muscular Fitness
    • one’s level of strength, either generally to a muscle region or specifically to an individual muscle.
    • Includes:
    • -muscular strength
    • -muscular endurance
    • -muscular power
    • -elastic strength
  2. Muscular Strength
    • the muscle force exerted by muscles to overcome a resistance
    • ex: the ability to move a heavy weight a limited number of times
  3. Muscular Endurance
    • the ability to sustain forces repeatedly or to generate forces over a period of time
    • ex: the ability to repeatedly move a lighter weight
  4. Muscular Power
    • the work produced per unit of time or the product of strength and speed
    • ex: the ability to move the heaviest weight possible
  5. Elastic Strength
    muscles ability to exert forces quickly and to overcome resistance with a high speed of muscle action
  6. What is flexibility
    the ability to move a joint or series of joints through their full range of motion, pain free and unrestricted
  7. What is body composition
    the percentage of body fat versus the percentage of lean body mass
  8. Lean body mass is all tissue that is not fat- skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, skeletal system
    • BMI measured by
    • Calipers
    • Volumetrics (underwater weighing)
    • Biodex
    • BMI Equation
    • --(Weight (lbs))/〖Height (in)〗^2 × 703   OR    (Weight (kg))/〖Height (m)〗^2 
  9. Wellness model
    • individual becomes aware of and makes choices towards a more successful existence
    • --multidimensional concept of balance (work, play & rest), nutrition, physical, psychological, intellectual, spiritual, self, environment & culture
    • --Suited for persons to promote personal growth & well being
  10. Prevention model
    • application of Western medical & social science to prevent disease, prolong life, & promote health in the community by intercepting disease processes
    • -Emphasizes early diagnosis & preventing illness
  11. Social Justice Model
    • Participatory, community model defined as the promotion of social & economic change to increase individual, community & political awareness, resources, & equitable opportunities for health
    • -Aimed to change underlying determinants of health
    • -Promotes a more equitable distribution of health resources among the world
  12. What are ACSM guidelines for physical activity for healthy adults. Adult- 18-65
    • Aerobic: 30 minutes mod intensity 5/wk OR vigorous aerobic 20 min 3/wk
    • --Moderate activity =  (3-6 METS)
    • --Vigorous activity = jogging (>6 METS
    • Muscle Strengthening: Activities that increase muscle strength or endurance 2/wk
    • 8-10 exercises that utilize major muscle groups 
    • Resistance to allow 8-12 repetitions of exercises  
  13. ACSM guidelines for physical activity for geriatrics
    • Aerobic: mod intensity 30 min 5/wk
    • OR 20 min vigorous 3/wk
    • -Moderate Activity = on a 10 point: 5-6
    • -Vigorous Activity = 7-8
    • Muscle Strengthening: Activities that increase muscle strength or endurance 2/wk
    • •8-10 exercises that utilize major muscle groups
    • •Resistance to allow 10-15 repetitions of exercises
  14. What is a MET level?
    The ratio of the work metabolic rate to the resting metabolic rate. One MET is defined as 1 kcal/kg/hour and is roughly equivalent to the energy cost of sitting quietly
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