New Points 23

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  1. India Restaurant
    saint john street EC1
  2. Grove End Gardens
    abbey road/grove end road NW8

    it is a court opp. hospital
  3. Artist Residence Boutique Hotel
    52 Cambridge street  SW1
  4. Polo Bar SW7
    Gloucester Rd/Rydges Kensington Plaza  SW7
  5. Salvation Army International HQ
    queen victoria street  EC4

    • Lambeth Hill
    • L- Queens Victoria Street (SDOL)
    • L- White Lion Street
  6. Cleveland Road N1
    downham road/northchurch road N1

    parallel to Southgate Road

    • Southgate Road
    • R- Downham Road
    • 1st R- Cleveland Road
    • L or R- Northchurch Road
  7. Elmore Street
    essex road N1

    • Basire Street
    • L- New North Road
    • R- Elizabeth Avenue 
    • L or R- Elmore Street
  8. Canalot Studios
    kensal road W10

    next to Blag Club
  9. Wam Bam Burlesque
    bloomsbury ballroom/victoria house/bloomsbury square WC1
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