Mechanical Sciences Strainers

  1. Process where liquid flows in the opposite direction of normal flow, creating a pressure that pushes the debris off a strainer or filter. The debris is flushed to a waste tank or drain.
  2. A strainer that uses a bucket to catch debris
    Bucket strainer
  3. Demineralizer where water enters at the top, passes through the mixed resin and strainers that do not pass the resin beads, and exits at the outlet.
    Deep-bed demineralizers
  4. A filter comprised of a thick layer (2 to 4 feet) of granular anthracite or charcoal of coarse layered on top of an aggregate layer of crushed rock or large lumps of charcoal which rests on top of a screen. The support screen (decking) is mounted a few inches above the bottom of the tank. The screen is perforated to allow water to flow through it.
    Deep-bed filter
  5. A strainer consisting of two sides with a basket in each side.
    Duplex strainer
  6. Device that removes small particles from process fluid
  7. A process used to control the purity and the pH of water designed to replace undesirable ions in solution with desirable ions attached to the resin beads.
    Ion exchange
  8. The effective length of time that a batch of resin can be used.
    Operating cycle
  9. Demineralizer filter that uses a filter element pre-coated with ground up, mixed-bed resins.
    Powdered resin filter demineralizer
  10. Filter that consists of a filter housing that contains a bundle of septums, (vertical tubes, on which the filter medium is deposited) usually made of perforated or porous metal (normally stainless steel), porous stone, or porous ceramic material.
    Precoat filter
  11. A thin wall or partition that separates two cavities.
  12. Device that removes large particles from piping systems. Strainers prevent the passage of grit, scale, dirt, and other foreign matter, which could obstruct pump suction valves, throttle valves, or other machinery parts
  13. Disks are stacked to form a cartridge and placed down over a central perforated pipe.
    Wafer cartridge filter
  14. DESCRIBE why differential pressure across filters and demineralizers are monitored
    Monitoring of the differential pressure (D/P) (sometimes symbolized as DP, delta P) provides useful information on demineralizer performance.
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