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  1. what did the french revolution bring to france?
    bread to the poor and democracy
  2. when was versailles completed?
  3. how far away was versailles from paris?
    12 miles west
  4. who lost the 7 years war?
    louis xv
  5. does louis xvi want the throne of france?
    no he doesnt feel ready
  6. what is the name of the law student that greets louis and his wife marie?
    maximilen robespierre
  7. louis xvi's investment in the american revolution marked what for france?
    lead to financial collapse
  8. what was maries nickname?
    madam deficit - because of her expenses
  9. who paid for all the taxes in france?
    the poor
  10. what causes riots to break out in france?
    shortage of bread
  11. what percent makes up the 3rd estate?
  12. what is the tennis court oath?
    where the national assembly is formed. they wont stop until they get a new constitution.
  13. what is the name of the prison that is taken over when the people are looking for gunpowder>
    the bastille
  14. what is the declaration of the rights of man?
    all men considered truly equal. declared by national assembly. constitutional monarchy.
  15. does louis xvi sign the declaration of the rights of men?
  16. where is the royal family forced to move>
  17. when did the king and queen try to escape out of the country?
    june 21 1791
  18. what is the name of the doctor that invents the human execution device?
    joseph ignase guillotine
  19. when did france declare war on austria?
    april 17 1792
  20. who are the sans culottes?
    ordinary people who didnt wear knee pants
  21. who steps up to guide the revolution?
  22. what happens to louis xvi?
    he is put on trial and is sent to death
  23. what is the profession of jean paul marat?
  24. what did the revolution do to marie antoinette?
    she is in prison alone, children are taken away, put to trial and sent to death.
  25. what is the reign of terror?
    execution after execution of anti-revolutionaries
  26. what is the committee of public safety?
    chief task was to protect revolution of its enemies during the reign of terror.
  27. what did robespierre compare in his speech?
    terror with virtue.
  28. what happens when danton goes against robespierre?
    he is killed
  29. what happens to robespierre?
    killed by guillotine
  30. who is the man that comes to power after the reign of terror ends?
  31. first estate
    • roman-catholic church clergy
    • consisted of less than 1% of the total population
    • owned 10% of the land
    • didnt pay taxed
    • disagreed about enlightenment ideas
  32. second estate
    • rich nobles
    • accounted for 2% of the population
    • owned 20% of the land
    • paid almost no taxes
    • held highest offices in government
    • disagreed about enlightenment ideas
  33. third estate
    • included the bourgeoisie (middle class), urban lower class, and peasant farmers
    • had no power to influence government
    • 97% of the population
    • 80% of the population was peasants
    • embraced enlightenment ideas
  34. cause and effect of estates general (may 5, 1789)
    • cause- france on the ┬áverge of bankruptcy, riots were spreading, nobles were denoucing royal tyranny
    • effects- prices went up and many people went out of business
  35. cause and effect of national assembly (june 17, 1789)
    • cause- the third estate felt it was finally time for them to step up and do something
    • effects- tennis court oath, king accepted it
  36. cause and effects of storming the bastille (july 14, 1789)
    • cause-the revolters needed gunpowder
    • effects- many people were killed, bastille became a symbol for france
  37. cause and effect for the national assembly adopts the declaration of the rights of man (august, 1789)
    • cause-the people wanted fairness and equality so they didnt stop until they got it
    • effects-women were outraged,more order in society
  38. cause and effects of limited constitutional monarchy (september, 1791)
    • cause-the assembly made a constitution and the constitution set up the rule of power
    • effects-voting was different, laws were reformed,ensured equality
  39. cause and effects of jacobins take control (september 1792)
    • cause-the sans-coulottes wanted someone with a radical view to be in power
    • effects-france declares war on austria, radicals had the upperhand
  40. cause and effects of the reign of terror (september, 1793)
    • cause-robespierre thought fear was the best way to control his peopel
    • effects-300,000 were arrested, 17,000 were killed
  41. cause and effects of the end of the terror
    • cause-robespierre was executed
    • effects-napoleon came to power
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