unit 7 Lakota

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  1. cin
    he/she/it wants
  2. ecela
  3. hehanl
    (and) then
  4. kaspapi
    dime, ten cents
  5. kaspapi okise
    nickel, five cents
  6. maswognaka
    tin, can
  7. mazasala
    cent, penny
  8. mazaska
  9. mazaska tona he?
    how much is it?
  10. nitehepi
  11. ophetun
    he/she bought it
  12. opeuntun
    you and i bought it
  13. sokela
    quarter, twenty five cents
  14. taku yacin he?
    what do you want?
  15. thankal ya
    he/she went out
  16. thektheca
    they(things) are new, new ones
  17. unye heci
    shall you and i go there?
  18. unyin kte
    lets you and i go there
  19. wanyang yanka
    he/she watches it
  20. wasakala
    it is inexpensive, cheap
  21. yuha
    he/she has it
  22. akab
    on top of, extra, in addition to
  23. gla
    he/she goes back there
  24. icu
  25. he/she took it
  26. kazuzu
    he/she paid for it
  27. napipkhinte
  28. ole
    he/she looks for it
  29. omnica yuzapi
  30. owa egnaka
    he/she took a written note of it
  31. takomni
    certainly, by any means
  32. taku kin iyuha
  33. ungnin kte
    you and i will go back there
  34. wahtelasni
    he/she dislikes it
  35. wophetun
    he/she shops
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