Chemical Reactions

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  1. What are the four types of chemical reactions?
    Decomposition, Synthesis, Exchange and Oxdation-Reduction
  2. What is the sum total of all chemical reactions taking place in the body called?
  3. What chemical reaction breaks down a larger molecule into two or more smaller substances?
    (AB --> A+B)
    • Decomposition Reaction
    • (AB --> A+B)
  4. What chemical reaction joins two or more smaller substances into a single larger molecule?
    (A+B --> AB)
    • Synthesis Reaction
    • (A+B --> AB)
  5. Decomposition reactions are also called?
    Catabolic or Degradative
  6. Synthesis reactions are also called?
    Anabolic or Constructive
  7. What chemical reaction is a combination of decomposition and synthesis?
    (AB + CD --> AC + BD)
    Exchange Reaction
  8. What chemical reaction involves decomposition, synthesis and/or exchange resulting in a change of energy content?
    Oxidation-Reduction Reaction
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