coordinate geometry

  1. slope of line
    = y2-y1 / x2- x1
  2. linear equation
    y = m (slope) x + b (y intercept)
  3. x intercept=
  4. horizontal lines have a slope of
  5. vertical lines
    have an undefined slope
  6. lines are perpendicular is the product of their _____ equals _____
    product of thier slope equals -1.
  7. midpoint formula
    x1 +x2/2, y1+y2/2
  8. parabolas
    y=ax2 + bx + c

    • a=slope
    • b= position relative to y-axis
    • x= y intercept
  9. the a term or a parabolas
    • a positive a term indicated the parabola opens up
    • a negative term indicated the parabola opens down
  10. the y intercept of a parabola
    • from a grapth you can see it,
    • from and equation you can identify the c term.
  11. the x intercepts
    • from a graph you can spot them
    • from an equation you set the equation equal to zero and solve for x.
  12. the b term
    create a small chart of corresponding x and y values ... the effect of b term will be apparent from the shift of the parabola, since an equation without a b term is always symeetrical about the y axis.
  13. equations in the form x=ay2 + by +c = horizontal parabola.
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