Level H: Unit 5 Definitions

  1. aficionado
    (n) an enthusiastic and usu. expert follower or fan
  2. browbeat
    (v) to intimidate by a stern or overbearing manner; to bully
  3. commensurate
    (adj) equal in size, extent, duration, or importance; proportionate; measurable by the same standards
  4. diaphanous
    (adj) very sheer and light; almost completely transparent
  5. emolument
    (n) profit derived from an office or position or from employment; a fee or salary
  6. foray
    (n) a quick raid, especially for plunder; a venture into some field of endeavor; (v) to make such a raid
  7. genre
    (n) a type, class, or variety, esp. a distinctive category of literary composition; a style of painting in which everyday scenes are realistically depicted
  8. homily
    (n) a sermon stressing moral principles; a tedious moralizing lecture or discourse
  9. immure
    (v) to enclose or confine with walls; to imprison; to seclude or isolate
  10. insouciant
    (adj) blithely indifferent or unconcerned; carefree; happy-go-lucky
  11. matrix
    (n) a mold; the surrounding situation or environment
  12. obsequies
    (n) funeral rites or ceremonies
  13. panache
    (n) a confident and stylish manner, dash; a striking elaborate or colorful display
  14. persona
    (n) a character in a novel or play; the outward character or role that a person assumes
  15. philippic
    (n) a bitter verbal attack
  16. prurient
    (adj) having lustful desires or interests; tending to arouse sexual desires
  17. sacrosanct
    (adj) very sacred or holy; inviolable; set apart or immune from questioning or attack
  18. systemic
    (adj) of or pertaining to the entire body; relating to a system or systems
  19. tendentious
    (adj) intended to promote a particular point of view, doctrine, or cause; biased or partisan
  20. vicissitude
    (n) a change, variation, or alteration (pl) successive or changing phases or conditions
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Level H: Unit 5 Definitions