A&P Lect 3 part 4

  1. precentral gyri?
    gyrus just anterior to central sulcus- most posterior part of the frontal lobe, called the motor strip because it issues commands to the voluntary muscles, has unequal representation of the body parts (called somatotopy)
  2. postcentral gyri?
    just posterior to central sulcus, most anterior part of the parietal lobe, called sensory strip because it is the termination for all sensory information from below the neck (except for balance, control and proprioception with go the cerebellum)
  3. where do the cranial nerves originate?
    • I- roof of the nose
    • II- retina 
    • III, IV- midbrain
    • V,VI,VII,VIII- pons
    • IX,X,XI,XII- medulla
  4. two language ares of the brain?
    • wernicke's- junction of parietal and temporal lobes- plans speech, interprets written and oral speech
    • broca's- lower, posterior frontal lobe, plans muscles movements to produce speech
  5. venous circulation of the brain?
    cerebral veins empty into cranial sinuses in the dura that carry the blood to the back of the skull where it is funneled into the internal jugular vein
  6. arterial circulation of the brain?
    paired internal carotid arteries supply the cerebrum, paired vertebral arteries join to form the basilar artery which supplies the brain stem. the basilar artery splits to join each of the carotids in the circle of willis
  7. principal functions of cranial nerves I-VI
    • I-smell
    • II- vision
    • III- eye movements, opening eyelid, pupil changes
    • IV- eye movements
    • V- sensation to the face and teeth, motor to the muscles of the jaw 
    • VI- eyes movements
  8. principal functions of cranial nerves VII-XII
    • VII- muscles of the face, salivary and tear glands
    • VIII- hearing and equilibrium 
    • IX- swallowing,carotid sinus to monitor blood pressure, sensation to the mouth, tastes to posterior 1/3 of tongue
    • X- automatic control of internal organs, swallowing, taste at root of the tongue 
    • XI- sternocleidomastiod and trapezius muscles 
    • XII- tongue movement
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