Chapter 8

  1. Acceptance of Solutions
    There are three different types of solutions for problems: (1) high quality, low acceptance; (2) high acceptance, high quality; and (3) high acceptance, low quality.
  2. Quality of Solutions
    Groups have the potential to make better-quality decisions than the same individuals in those groups would make if working alone.
  3. Which of the following is an example of a valid solution for a problem?
    • - high acceptance, but low quality
    • - high acceptance, and high quality
    • - high quality, but low acceptance
  4. Teams can help corporations increase value by:
    increasing function while decreasing cost by a proportionally smaller amount
  5. Problems that involve important financial decisions would likely utilize which problem-solving approach?
    high quality, but low acceptance
  6. If you were an employer who has to determine vacation schedules for the coming year for all employees, you would likely use which problem-solving approach?
    high acceptance, but low quality
  7. Most problems faced by organizations can be solved by using which problem-solving approach?
    high quality and high acceptance
  8. According to Tubbs, which computer company has been very successful because of its use of teams?
  9. Studies of the use of teams in various companies show:
    Most people are resistant to change that they do not control.
  10. The source of the problem faced by the company CH2M Hills was:
    the monotony of punching holes in the reports so they could be filed
  11. Which method does Tubbs suggest can be used to overcome resistance to change?
    People will accept changes that they have a part in planning.
  12. Given the scenario in which farmers who notice decreasing crop yields are more receptive to farming innovations than those who are prospering, which principle of overcoming change is apparent?
    Changes will be more easily accepted when people are involved in gathering facts that indicate the need for change.
  13. In the example of employees resisting the company's use of a new computer system for fear it will eliminate their jobs, which issue of resistance to change is apparent?
    Change will be accepted if people do not feel insecure in the process.
  14. How does a person normally assume a leadership position in a self-managing team?
    The person is elected by the team, not management.
  15. What are some valid explanations for management's decision to initiate a self-managing work concept?
    • - a desire for additional productivity
    • - a desire to reduce conflicts
    • - a desire to improve job quality
  16. What are some benefits of using the team approach?
    Teams are flexible, they adapt well to change, and employees report higher job satisfaction.
  17. Give an example of a true statement about cohesiveness.
    Cohesiveness increases members' loyalty inside the group.
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