BioMid C32 Animal Diversity

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  1. Collagen
    only found in animals
  2. 2 cells only found in animals
    • muscle and nerve
    • nerve impulses differentiate animals from plants and fungi
  3. blastula
    zygote undergoes cleavage and develops a blastula
  4. Gastrulation
    layers of embryonic tissues that develop into adult parts
  5. larvae
    • most animals life cycles include this form
    • immature form of the animal that is distinct from an adult
  6. Metamorphosis
    animal larvae > juvenile that is not yet sexually mature
  7. Hox genes
    unique set of genes in the family
  8. History of animals (eras)
    • Neoproterozoic (1b-500m)
    • Paleozic (500m-250m)
    • ^cambrian explosion
    • Mesozoic era (250-65)
    • Cenozoic Era (65.5)
    • ^shit got cold
    • remembe no pussy means cawk
    • 1b>500>250>65
  9. Radial symmetric
    sessile and planktonic
  10. Bilateral symmetry
    more active
  11. Sponges lack true tissues
  12. Germ layers
    • Ectoderm > outer
    • Endoder> digestive and other organs
    • Mesoderm> between the two
  13. Cnidarians are...
  14. Coelom is derived from
  15. pseudocoelom
    • mix of both endoderm and mesoderm
    • False cavity
  16. Protosomes all have
    • false cavity lined by just mesoderm
    • not all are pseudocoelomates
  17. Protostome development
    • spiral cleavage¬†
    • determinate
    • coelom forms from splits in mesoderm
    • mouth forms first
  18. Deuterstome
    • radial cleavage
    • indeterminate
    • coelom forms from mesodermal outpockets
    • anus comes first
  19. Sponges are....
    basal animals
  20. Eumetazoans
    clade of animals with true tissues
  21. Most animals belong to
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