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  1. An ESXi 5.x host is configured to access an ISCSI target using CHAP authentication.
    What happens to the access if CHAP is disabled on the host.
    An access is unaffected until either the ESXi host or the ISCSI Array are restarted.
  2. An administrator would like to set up Host Profiles in a vSphere architecture. Using the vSphere Client, the administrator connects to vCenter and navigates to Management, then begins to build a new Host Profile but is unable to save the profile. Why is the administrator unable to save the completed profile?
    The administrator does not have the proper vSphere edition, so this feature is not licensed.
  3. Which vSwitch or vSwitch port group policy setting allows a virtual machine to listen to traffic other than that which is specifically destined for the given VM?
    Promiscuous Mode
  4. Which three Path Selection Policies are supported by default in vSphere?
    • MRU
    • Round Robbin
    • Fixed
  5. An administrator is configuring a vSphere Standard Switch for load balancing. The physical network is configured for switch-assisted load balancing using EtherChannel.
    Which load balancing policy must be used to support this configuration?
    Route Based on IP Hash
  6. An administrator must perform maintenance on a fibre channel switch connected to vmhba2 on an ESXi host. The host has been configured with the Fixed policy, and the preferred path will be impacted by the maintenance event.
    Which proceedure is the least disruptive option that can be taken to prepare for the maintenance event?
    Use the vSphere client to disable the path impacted by the maintenance event.
  7. An administrator is configuring ISCSI for use with vSphere environment
    Which networking feature should be configured on the ESXi host to improve ISCSI performance?
    Jumbo Frames
  8. VMware vSphere 5.x can be evaluated prior to purchase. What is the maximum number of days the evaluation can be used before a liscenes must be purchased.
  9. What port is not required by vCenter Server?
  10. Which vSphere 5.x feature provides for the dynamic allocation of storage capacity for individual virtual machine?
    VMware Storage Thin Provisioning
  11. Which feature allows a running virtual machine to be moved from one ESXi host to another without interruption?
  12. What protocol is used by an ESXi host to communicate with NAS devices?
  13. What would cause the proportional share mechanism to be invoked?
    resource contention
  14. Which condition produces a warning message but will allow a VMotion to proceed?
    A VM is configured to use an Internal Virtual Switch,but is not connected to the switch.
  15. You have 50 virtual machines that have been running within a 5-node ESXi DRS cluster for a number of weeks. Several VM's running on one of the host suddenly show a Blue Screen of Death.
    What is the cause of the failure?
    Hardware problems on the ESXi host running the failed Virtual Machines.
  16. You have a Windows 2003 Server virtual machine running within a vSphere environment that is experiencing performance problems.
    Task Manager displays the following information:
    1. CPU Usage: 85%
    2. Memory Available: 3 GB
    3. Network Utilization: 25%
    vCenter Server displays this additional information:
    1. ESXi host CPU Utilization: 60%
    2. VMkernel Swap Activity : None
    3. Average Network Usage: 900 Mbps
    What is the most likely cause for the performance problems?
    The ESXi host NIC is being over utilized.
  17. What two things are controlled by the DRS automation level?
    • VM restart priority
    • VM isolation response
  18. VMware Tools should be installed on which virtual machines?
  19. A vSphere implementation contains two ESXi hosts, ESXi01 and ESXi02. A virtual machine VM21a on ESXi01 is connected to a vSphere Standard Switch (vSS) in a port group called Production. The vSS is connected to an uplink on the network. ESXi02 is configured with  a vSS connected to an uplink on the 10.1.30.o/24 network. A port group called Engineering exists on this switch.
    Which two statements are true about this configuration.
    • Broadcast from the Production port group cannot be received on the Engineering port group.
    • The virtual machine cannot be VMotion migrated to the target host.
  20. A company has been utilizing templates in its environment. It is running a 10-node ESXi Cluster and DRS has not been configured. Several virtual machines have been deployed from this template and successfull powered on, but a newly deployed virtual machine will not power on. There appears to be adequate CPU and Memory resources available on the host.
    Which three things can be done to allow more virtual machines to be deployed into the cluster from this template.
    • Increase VM memory Reservation
    • move the swap file to a different datastore
    • select a different datastore
  21. When is the page file for a windows guest operating system or the swap partition for a Linux guest operating system created?
    When installed on the VM.
  22. Your colleague needs to build a very large virtual machine and has asked you what the largest supported VMDK size is within a vSphere environment.
  23. You need to configure your vSphere Distributed Switch to drop Microsoft File Sharing port 135, 137, and 139, which are commonly targeted by malware authors. What vSphere 5.5 capability will allow you to configure this requirement?
    Traffic Shaping
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