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  1. Coaxial cables shall be stored in an area where the ambient temperature is less than ___ Celsius.
  2. Sealing cable ends may be omitted when the interval between cutting a length of cable and the termination made to connectors or equipment is ____ hours or less, and the exposed ends are not subjected to moisture during excessive temperature changes.
  3. The minimum bend radius for flexible coaxial cables shall be ___ times the cable diameter, except when the
  4. cable is subject to repeated flexure; in which case, the minimum bend radius shall be ___ times the cable
  5. diameter.
    10, 20
  6. Coaxial cables installed on masts, in the beam pattern of radars operating in the ___ MHz - ___MHz range, shall be shielded from radiation
    200, 450
  7. The minimum insulation resistance value for multiconductor cables shall be ______ ohms.
  8. Three general groups for shipboard cables:
    power and lighting circuits, control circuits, and communications, instrumentation and electronic circuits.
  9. The three basic types of flexible coaxial cables are:
  10. single conductor, two conductor and triaxial.
  11. Radar Modulator cables, radio transmitter antenna cables and sonar transducer cables shall be separated at
  12. least __ inches from all other cables except at the area where they enter the equipment.
  13. Sonar hydrophone cables shall be separated at least __ inches from all other cables or installed in flexible conduit.
  14. The recommended pressure for semi-rigid semi-air coaxial cables is ___ - ___ psig.
    5, 10
  15. Electrical connectors exposed to the weather, salt spray, moisture and stack gasses shall be weatherproofed within ___ hours after assembly.
  16. Weatherproofed connectors shall be checked at least ______ for signs of deterioration.
  17. Waveguide is normally supplied in ___ to ___ foot sections.
    10, 14
  18. Waveguides bends should be __, __, or __ degrees.
    45, 60, 90
  19. Fabricated twists shall be designed so that the twist does not exceed __ degrees
  20. The alignment fit between flange and waveguide shall not exceed ____ inch on the step.
  21. Temperature of water for a waveguide leak test should be ________.
    20 C +/- 5 C
  22. A clearance of ____ inches minimum shall be provided from all objects to which the waveguide is not connected, to prevent damage when subjected to underway movement, shock or vibration.
  23. Warning labels shall be applied to a visible area of the waveguide, approximately _____ feet apart after the
  24. transmission line has been painted or touched-up.
  25. When parallel transmission line runs are installed for the same system, and there is a possibility of interference from flange joint RF leakage, the flange connections shall be staggered so that no two flange connections will be located within ____ inches of each other.
  26. Waveguide runs shall not deviate from a straight line by more than __ inch at any point.
  27. Ordinarily, transmission lines having a VSWR greater than ______when terminated in a dummy load
  28. Spacing between supports for rigid coaxial cable shall not exceed __ feet. Supports shall not be closer than __ inches to any flange connection.
    5, 6
  29. There shall be a minimum of 2 supports for each section of rigid coaxial that exceeds ___ inches in length.
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NAVSEA SE00-00-EIM-110.txt