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  1. Operating stations, guard rails, and normal personnel thoroughfares shall be designed to provide at least a +++ foot horizontal and +++ foot vertical clearance from MF/HF transmitting antennas.
    4, 8
  2. When a mercury battery is subjectedto a temperature of +++ ”F or above, it will explode.
  3. Maintain the temperature of a Ni-Cad battery at below +++ F if possible
  4. Never discharge a mercury cell battery after its voltage has fallen below +++ percent of its normal voltage, or after it fails to operate the equipment in which it is used.
  5. All circuits over +++ volts shall be grounded, for protection of personnel engaged in
  6. repair work.
  7. The total force exerted on the overall surface of a 10-inch CRT is nearly +++ pounds, of which +++ pounds is exerted on the face alone
    1000, 2000
  8. Any material exhibiting a radiation level of more than ++++ of one milliroentgen per hour above background at a distance of approximately one inch from the material should be treated as radioactive.
  9. Modern electron tubes, such as klystrons, magnetrons, thyratrons, cathode-ray tubes, and high-voltage rectifiers, when operated with electric potentials in excess of +++ volts, may generate X-rays.
  10. The recommended maximum intensity levels in controlled radiation areas is +++ milliroetgens per week or +++ milliroentgens per hour
    100, 2.5
  11. All currentarrying parts of arresters, on cirtits involving more than +++volts unless effectively isolated by elevation, shall have guards or barriers for the protection of personnel.
  12. Carbon dioxide gas is generally stored in steel cylinders at a high pressure of approximately +++ psi at normal room temperatures.
  13. Bypass devices are sometimes used with interlocks, providing that the potentials are not in
  14. excess of +++ volts RMS or DC.
  15. High voltage and shock hazard warning signs shall be installed on or in the vicinity of
  16. equipments or accessories having exposed conductors at potentials of +++ volts
  17. Compartments or walk-in enclosures containing equipment with exposed conductors
  18. presenting shock hazards in excess of +++ volts RMS or DC shall have a “Danger High Voltage” sign posted conspicuously within each entrance.
  19. Voltages in excess of +++ volts shall not be measured by probing or holding the test
  20. probe in the hands.
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