ATM Manuevers

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  1. Ground Taxi
    • -ground track +/-3 ft
    • -27-30% TQ
    • -May need more for high gross weights, slopping terrain
    • Note:may reduce TQ to 22-24 for temp periods minimal cyclic displacement
  2. Hover Flight
    • -Announce intentions use of hold modes
    • -Announce when terminate
    • -Announce forced landing or SE flyaway plan
    • -Announce hover height
    • -Check for Proper Control Response and CG
  3. VMC Take Off
    • -Maintain heading +/-10 below 50' or until clear of obstacles (through ETL for min power TO)
    • -accelerate to desired airspeed +/-10 knots
    • -Apply TO power until desired altitude, VSSE AS or as conditions permit
    • -Announce type of TO and abort point
    • -Determine dir and type of TO by analyzing power available, wind, long axis and obstacles
    • VMC TO from ground (10% above hover power)
    • VMC TO from hover (10% above hover power)
    • VMC level acceleration TO (10% above hover power if available)
    • -when conditions permit accel through VSSE prior to climb
    • -maintain heading 50' AGL or clear of obstacles then place in trim
    • VMC limited power TO (hover power)
    • (select ENG page and monitor TQ and TGT during TO)
    • -Announce and zero the stabilator
    • From Hover(hover power limit)
    • establish climb after ETL (consider accel to MAX END/R/C prior to climb)
    • Note - after ETL for acceleration a 5 deg nose low is recommended
    • VMC TO sand/dust (Max TQ available)
    • -select ENG page and FLT page
  4. VMC Approach
    • -Announce when begin approach
    • -Announce terminate hover/ground, intended point of landing, any deviation
    • -Announce use of manual stabilator
    • -evaluate wind direction and magnitude
    • -below 50' AGL align with landing direction
    • VMC to mountain/pinnacle brief escape route in a case of go-around
    • -reduce AS to slightly above ETL but not below min Dual Engine AS when OGE power is not available until the rate of closure can be determined
    • -go around should be determined before going below ETL
    • VMC to confinded area
    • -reconnaissance - size, suitability of surface, barriers to approach, direction TD point, TO dir, winds
    • -perform low recon
    • -go around should be determined before going below ETL
  5. Slope Operations
    • -heading +/-5 deg
    • -Brief limits 7 nose up, 12 nose down, 10 roll
    • -Brief dynamic roll-over pivot ppoint, rolling motion, exceed critical angle
    • -Set the brakes
    • -Select a FLT page
    • -put AC in wind, if possible
    • -adjust to center cyclic and simultaneously lower collective with no less than 25% TQ
    • -Before TO, announce initiation of ascent
    • -neutral cyclic until 25% TQ
    • -abort landing if - upslope landing gear begins to slide, AC brakes do not hold, cyclic stop encountered, comfort margin exceeded
  6. Roll-On Landing
    • -Announce intent to perform roll-on, intended point of landing, and breaking
    • -TD at or above ETL
    • -Landing alignment +/-5 deg
    • -before TD, confirm brakes released, tail wheel locked and area suitable for the landing
    • -50' align with runway
    • -when simulating IGE power limited establish admin power 10% below hover power
  7. Single Engine Landing
    • -Airspeed at or above VSSE until 10 to 20ft above TD
    • -Constant approach angle to first 1/3 of usable landing surface
    • -alignment +/-5 deg
    • -Announce intended point of landing and braking
    • -prior to TD confirm brakes released, tail wheel is locked and area suitable for landing
    • -below 50' AGL align with landing direction
    • -maintain VSSE until 10 to 20 ft above TD
  8. Autorotation
    • -Select ENG page on MPD
    • -
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