MJC Chapter 6 Vocab

  1. sacrifice
    surrendering one thing for the sake of something else; literal Latin meaning is "to make holy"
  2. paradise
    a perfect state of friendship with God and of original holiness and justice enjoyed by our first parents
  3. paradox
    something that seems contradictory, yet is true
  4. passion
    from a Latin word which means "to suffer" and also to love
  5. compassion
    a feeling of empathy for another who is suffering that results in solidarity or a "suffering with" the other
  6. eschatology
    literally means the study of "last" and refers to the part of theology that studies topics related to the end of time: death, judgement, resurrection of the body, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, the coming of Jesus on the last day, etc
  7. Particular Judgement
    the judgement of each individual at the moment of death by Christ and determines the immediate entrance of the soul into Heaven, Hell or Purgatory
  8. Parousia
    "The glorious return and appearance of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as judge of the living and the dead, at the end of time; the second coming of Christ, when history and creation will achieve their fulfillment"
  9. resiliency
    the ability to recover readily from adversity
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