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  1. Electric circuitImage Upload 1
    A closed path that electrons powered by a power source can flow through.
  2. Voltaic cell
    • A source of energy the produces energy through chemical reactions involving two different types of metals or metal compounds separated by a conducting solution. E.G a ¬†energizer battery
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  3. Battery
    • A battery is a connection of two or more cells, used to power devices.
    • e.g. a car battery
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  4. Electrode
    An electrode is one of the two terminals in a cell or battery.
  5. Electrolyte
    A solution or paste the conducts charge.
  6. Dry Cell
    • A cell that contains an electrolyte made of a paste.
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  7. Wet cell
    • A wet cell is a cell that contains a electrolyte made of liquid.
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  8. Primary Cell
    • A cell that can be used only once.
    • e.g. A disposable Duracell battery
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  9. Secondary cell
    • A cell that can be used more than once
    • e.g Cell phone battery.
  10. Fuel cell
    • A cell that generates electricity through chemical reactions of fuel that is stored outside of the cell.
    • e.g. Hydrogen fuel cell
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  11. Solar cell
    A solar cell is a cell that converts energy from sunlight into electricity.
  12. Terminal
    • A position on a ell that must be connected to other components to form a circuit.
    • e.g. a splice.
  13. Switch
    • A device that controls if a electric current can flow through the circuit or not.
    • e.g. a light switch.
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  14. Open circuit
    A circuit that has a gap or break in it.
  15. Electric current
    Electric current is the measure of the number of particles that pass by a point in a circuit in a second.
  16. Coulumb
    a coulomb is the quantity of charge that is equal to the charge of 6.25 x 10 to the power of 18
  17. Ampere
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