Anatomy 231 Hip and Thigh muscles: Origin Insertion and action.

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  1. Iliacus
    • Origin= Iliac fossa, ala of sacrum.
    • Insertion= Lesser trochanter of femur via iliopsoas tendon.
    • Action= thigh flexion, flexing trunk
  2. Psoas
    • Origin= by fleshy slips from transverse processes, bodies and discs of lumbar vertebrae and T12.
    • Insertion= Lesser trochanter of femur via iliopsoas tendon.
    • Action= Lateral flexion of vertebral column; postural muscle.
  3. Sartotious
    • Origin= Anterior superior iliac spine
    • Insertion= Winds around medial aspect of knee and inserts into medial aspect of proximal tibia.
    • Action= Flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh; flexes knee.
  4. Adductor longus
    • Origin= Pubis near pubis symphysis
    • Insertion= Linea aspera/
    • Action= Adducts, flexes and medially rotates thigh.
  5. Gracilis (skip)
    • Origin= Inferior ramus and body of pubis and adjacent ischial ramus.
    • Insertion= Medial surface of tibia just inferior to its medial condyle.
    • Action= Adducts thigh, flexes and medially rotates leg.
  6. Rectus femoris
    • Origin= anterior inferior iliac spine and superior margin of acetabulum
    • Insertion= Patella and tibial tuberosity via patellar ligament.
    • Action= Extends knee and flexes thigh at hip
  7. Vastus Lateralis (skip)
    • Origin= Greater trochanter, intertrochanteric line, linea aspera.
    • Insertion= As for rectus femoris.
    • ACtion= Extends and stabilizes knee
  8. Vastus intermedious
    • Origin= Anterior and lateral surfaces of proximal femur shaft
    • Insertion= As of rectus femoris.
    • Action= Extends knee
  9. Vastus medialis (skip)
    • Origin= Linea aspera, medial supracondylar line, intertrochanteric line.
    • Insertion= As for rectus femoris.
    • Action= Extends knee/
  10. Tensor Fasciae Latae
    • Origin= Anterior aspect of iliac crest and anterior superior iliac spine.
    • Insertion= Iliotibial tract.
    • Action= Flexes and abducts thigh rotates thigh medially.
  11. Gluteus maximus
    • Origin= Dorsal ilium, sacrum and coccyx.
    • Insertion= Gluteal tuberosity of femur; iliotibial tract.
    • Action= extensor of thigh. Laterally rotates and abducts thigh
  12. Gluteus medius
    • Origin= Between anterior and posterior gluteal lines on lateral surface f ilium.
    • Insertion= By short tendon into lateral aspect of greater trochanter of femur.
    • Action= abducts and medially rotates thigh
  13. Biceps Femoris
    • Origin= ischial tuberosity; linea aspera, lateral supracondylar line and distal femur.
    • Insertion= Common tendon passes downward and laterally to insert into head of fibula and lateral condyle of tibia.
    • Action= extends thigh and flexes knee; laterally rotates leg.
  14. Semitendinosus
    • Origin= Ischial tuberosity in common with long head of biceps femoris.
    • Insertion= Medial aspect of upper tibial shaft.
    • Action= Extends thigh at hip; flexes knee.
  15. Semimembranosus (skip)
    • Origin= Ischial tuberosity.
    • Insertion= medial condyle of tibia; through oblique ligament to lateral condyle of femur.
    • Action= Extends thigh and flexes knee; medially rotates leg.
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