Contemporary History Common Assessment Test

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  1. King of Jordan
    King Abdullah
  2. President of Pakistan
    Nawaz Sharif
  3. Palestinian Authority Leader
    Muhmoud Abbas
  4. Prime minister of Israel
    Benjamin Netanyahu
  5. President of Syria
    Bashar Al-Assad
  6. Prime Minister of Great Britain
    David Cameron
  7. President of Russia
    Vladimir Putin
  8. Prime Minister or Iraq
    Haider Al Abadi
  9. President of France
    Francoise Hollande
  10. Secretary General of the U.N
    Ban Ki-moon
  11. Chairman of the Federal Reserve
    Janet Yellen
  12. Senate Majority Leader
    Harry Reid
  13. Speaker of the House
    John Boehner
  14. Governor of Nevada
    Brian Sandoval
  15. 5 permanent members of NATO
    • USA
    • UK
    • Russia
    • China
    • France
  16. Ferguson
    • Michael Brown
    • 18 yr. old
    • shot unarmed
  17. ISIS
    Islamic State in Syria
  18. Situation in Syria
  19. Hong Kong
    Umbrella movement
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