1050: Antimicrobial/Antiinfective meds EXAM 2

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  1. How do the anti-infectives inhibit bacterial action?
    • Inhibits:
    • 1) cell wall synthesis
    • 2) protein synthesis
    • 3) DNA synthesis
    • 4) viral enzymes
  2. What is the difference between Bacteriostatic vs Bacteriocidal?
    -cidal: kills bacteria

    -static: slows action of bacteria
  3. Define selective toxicity.
    -kill/suppress a microbe w/o harming host.
  4. Explain the antimicrobial resistance - large doses vs narrower spectrum. What is spectrum?
    Large dose = greater chance of resistance.

    Narrower the spectrum of drug -->less likely resistance.

    Spectrum: range of microbes that respond to drugs
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