AP Euro Chapter 16 Vocab

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  1. Sovereignty
    authority to rule
  2. Totalitarianism
    • A dictatorial government that controls every aspect of its citizens lives down to their thoughts
    • 20th century
  3. Fronde
    civil wars in France when nobility rose up against Louis XIV's court; "slingshot" or "catapult"
  4. French Classicism
    The art and literature of the age of Louis XIV. Resembled classic antiquity and Renaissance Italy, official style of Louis
  5. Don Quixote
    Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes that shows the romanticism the Spanish held for medieval times
  6. Puritans
    English Protestants of the late 16th and 17th centuries who regarded the Reformation of the Church of England under Elizabeth as incomplete and sought to simplify and regulate forms of worship.
  7. Stadholder
    a representative for each dutch province
  8. Dutch East India Company
    a joint stock company that looked for trade opportunities. Investors receives huge dividends proportional to the amount they invested
  9. Absolutism
    Single monarch controls the state
  10. Raison détat
    Reason of state; Richelieu claiming that God absolves sins if they involve protecting the state
  11. Mercantilism
    the economic theory that trade generates wealth and is stimulated by the accumulation of profitable balances
  12. Peace/Treaty of Utrecht
    • Ended the War of Spanish Succession
    • Limited France's expansionism
    • Other European nations didn't want France to be able to have the same ruler in France and Spain (too much power)
  13. Constitutionalism
    the limitation of government by law
  14. Cabinet System
    the leading ministers and the majority of the House of Commons formulate policy and conduct country business
  15. Second Treatise of Civil Government
    John Locke's book that proclaimed that people set up governments to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of property
  16. Customs duties on wine
  17. Customs duties on wool
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