social studies test

  1. lowell and worster both shipped goods through what city in the mid 1830s?
  2. What type of fish do fishermen in Alaska specialize in catching
    Wild salmon
  3. What type of fish do fishermen in Ohio specialize in catching
    Yellow Perch
  4. During the 1850's, immigrants to the West experienced discrimination and worked at dangerous jobs.  What country were these immigrants from
    China - and they were Chinese immigrants
  5. Use the letter to tell why Patrick left Ireland
    • 1.  Poor crops
    • 2.  Trouble paying rent
    • 3.  Soil tired
  6. Use the letter to tel what patrick found when he arrived in America
    • 1.  Beggars everywhere
    • 2.  Only job hauling dirt and rocks from canal
    • 3.  Offered a job for a price
    • 4.  Irish "need not apply"
  7. Use the information from the table to explain 2 ways that Pennsylvania and Florida could become interdependent
    • 1.  PA could ship coal to Florida
    • 2.  Florida could ship oranges to PA
  8. What geographic feature allowed early colonists to settle along the coastal areas and become farmers
    Plain (land is flat)
  9. In what state could a person have a job as a volcano tour guide
  10. Use the map to tell what flow resource is found in the western states of California and Washington
  11. What region grows tobacco and peaches
  12. How did the Native Americans use the environment of the Southeast region to survive
    They used a long growing season to grow crops
  13. What must farmers do in order to grow crops in an area where there is very little rainfall
    Irrigate their crops
  14. What geographic issue would have the greatest impact on a farmer in the Southwest
    amount of rainfall
  15. Pretend that you are an entrepreneur who manufactures winter coats in Northeast Ohio. Name and explain 3 productive resources needed to create the winter coats.  Then tell why this business could be located in Northeast Ohio
    • natural - sheep for wool
    • human - shearing wool of sheep
    • capital - shears to cut off wool

    It would be located in Northeast Ohio because it gets really cold here in winter and wool coats keep us warm
  16. The Southeast grows cotton.  The Northeast manufactures textiles.  What could these regions do that would benefit both
  17. Use the map to answer the question.  Why would a salt water boat captain be able to earn a living netting shrimp in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida
    These states are close to the Gulf of Mexico, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.  The Atlantic Ocean is salt water and shrimp live in that area
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