A+ certification

  1. What type of connector do you find on monitor
    • the older 15-pin female DB Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) connector or the unique digital video interface (DVI) connector
    • there also could be an hdmi connector
  2. What is the advantage of the HDMI interface?
    the ability to carry video and sound on one cable
  3. What are the 2 functions of the sound device?
    • It takes digital signals and turns them into sound output
    • It takes sound input from a microphone and turns it into digital data
  4. What does S/PDIF stand for?
    Sony Phillips Digital Interface Format
  5. What is the purpose of S/PDIF?
    Consolidation-one S/PDIF connection replaces all the mini audio connections as long as the speakers have the S/PDIF connection
  6. Network connectors are not color coordinated. T or F?
  7. What type of connectors does the mouse use?
    Mini-DIN or usb
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