A+ Cerification

  1. What are the 6 types of connectors?
    DIN, USB, FireWire, DB, RJ, and audio
  2. What is a plug?
    a part with some type of projection that goes into a port
  3. What is a port?
  4. a part that has some type of matching hole or slot that accepts the plug
  5. Image Upload 2
    What is the name of this connector?
  6. What are the 3 different sizes of usb connectors?
    Usb A, usbb and usb minib
  7. What are the advantages of usb connectors?
    • 1. Hotswappable
    • 2. electrical power
  8. How many wires are in a firewire connector?
  9. T or F VGA and parallel connectors are male
    True- the ports are female
  10. Serial ports are male
    true their connectors are female
  11. how many pins are in a db connector?
    9-37 pins or sockets
  12. What is the RJ 11 usually used for?
    phone lines
  13. What is the rj45 usually used for?
    Network connections
  14. What is the most common type of audio connector?
    miniaudio connector
  15. What type of port do keyboards plug into?
    Either a mini-DIN or usb
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