Java Client/Sever

  1. What is glassfish?
    • application server 
    • made by oracle
    • used to show how to use JavaEE
  2. What is the Apache Derby project?
    • our database
    • built into netbeans
  3. What scripting language was used for a jsf page to communicate with its backing bean?
    expression language
  4. @Named
    making java class(backing bean) available to the jsf page
  5. @Inject
    • making this class available
    • does not instantiate the object
  6. @Resource
    a way to get at the database
  7. where is the View generated?
    on the server side
  8. what types of classes is in the ViewModel
    backing beans
  9. what types of classes did the Model consist of
  10. 4 main software's in this course
    • netbeans
    • glassfish
    • angular
    • javadb
  11. What construct does a controller use to communicate with a view?
  12. What is the relationship between Dependency Injection and Modules
    if a module is dependent on something, you have to inject it in.
  13. What 2 other constructs can be used in place of a Factory?
    • services
    • providers
  14. What REST operation do we use when we want to add data via the service?
  15. When configuring Glassfish to enable REST services, what class was created?
    What is the default path when the service is deployed?
    • webresources
  16. What REST operation was used to update a single vendor?
  17. What other annotation was used in the resources class' update method other than PUT.
  18. What URL would you use to dump out all vendor info from our netbeans setup in json format to the browser?
  19. What AngularJS directive was used to create the HTML containing each individual vendor's data and styling?
    • ng-repeat
    • ON TEST
  20. What AngularJS module is used to create the window to add/update vendor info. What method is used to actually create it?
    • $modal
    • .open
  21. What 3 properties are passed as JSON properties to the $ path when the service is created?
    • template url
    • controller
    • $scope
  22. How does the VendorCtrl code know you want to add a row as opposed to updating a row?
    add would be -1
  23. What 2 intrinsic properties were used in detect whether or not a form had changed and whether or not the field had valid data?
    • $pristined
    • $invalid
  24. which directive was used with the 2 properties
    $pristined and $invalid
  25. what is the syntax for using a ternary operator in an AngularJS directive? e.g. ng-click
    (todo === 'add') ? add() : update()
  26. How do you remove an element from an array in javascript?
  27. Other than @DELETE, what 2 REST annotations were added to the VendorsResource Delete method to accommodate the delete process?
    • @Path
    • @PathParam
  28. What 7 files are required to incorporate product processing?
    • productDTO
    • productModel
    • productResources
    • 2html
    • 2controllers
  29. Which file(s) needs to be updated to incorporate product processing?
    • index.html to find javascript
    • route file to hook up controller
  30. What is the graphic type used in the collapsible panel to indicate open or close the panel?
    glyph icon
  31. How do you set up you project to be able to allow bootstrap to use graphics
    font folder
  32. What was different about jdbc code needed to add a vendor row vs that for adding a product row?
    • vendor you are generating a key
    • product you are supplying a key
  33. EOQ
    • The least amount for the business to order that's good.
    • Economic Order Quantity
  34. Which fields are used to calculate the extended price for a line item?
    • costPrice
    • quantity
  35. Once an item is added, how is it removed from the generator?
    qty = 0
  36. Assuming there are at least  a minimum of 5 copies of PO. Which parties would receive a copy?
    • requester
    • accounts payable
    • vendor
    • receiving
    • purchasing
  37. Which tables have identity set to true:
    PurchaseOrder, PurchaseOrderLineitem or both
    • both
    • both are using generated keys
  38. How do we indicate the start of a transaction in jdbc programming?
  39. What 2 possible commands are coded to indicate the end of a transaction in jdbc programming?
    • commit
    • rollback
  40. describe a servlet
    • sending the web server 
    • adding functionality to the web server
  41. list the hierarchy of interfaces/classes that the servlet is based on. ON TEST
    • servlet interface
    • http servlet
    • extend with my code
  42. What annotation is used to specify things like the alias(urlPatterns) for your servlet?
  43. What angular service was used to call the servlet?
  44. How did we pass the desired PO# from angular to the servlet?
    through a query string
  45. What intrinsic object was used to obtain the data from query string in the servlet?
    Request object
  46. JNDI
    • Java Naming Directory Interface
    • how the server knows what you are talking about
  47. ij
    cmd utility to get at the database
  48. @Context
    how to get at the data source
  49. IIFy
    • immediately-invoked function expression
    • javascript pattern we used
    • benefit: not using anything global
  50. app vs vendor folder
    we wrote in the app not in the vendor
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