Anatomy 231. Head Muscles: Origin Insertion and Action

  1. Orbicularis oculi
    • Origin= Frontal and maxillary bone and ligaments around the orbit.
    • Insertion= Tissue of eyelid
    • Acttion= Closes eye. Various parts can be activated individually, produces blinking, squinting and draws eyebrows inferiorly.
  2. Epicranius (frontal belly and occipital belly)
    • Bipartite muscle consisting of frontal and occipital bellies connected by the Galea aponeurosis.
    • - Frontal origin=Galea aponeurotica.
    • insertion= Skin of eyebrows and root of nose.
    • -Action= Aponeurosis fixed raises eyebrows.
    • - occipital origin= occipital and temporal (mastoid) bone.
    • Insertion= Galea aponeurotica.
    • Action= Fixes aponeurosis and pulls scalp posteriorly.
    • -these two muscles move the scalp back and forward.
  3. Zygomaticus
    • Originates= Zygomatic bone.
    • Inserts= skin and muscle at corner of mouth
    • Action= raises lateral corners of mouth upward (smiling muscle)
  4. Orbicularis Oris
    • Origin= Arises indirectly from maxilla and mandible.
    • Inserts= Encircles the mouth; inserts into muscle and skin at angles of mouth.
    • Action= Closses lips; purses and protrudes lips (kissing and whistling muscle)
  5. Buccinator
    • Originates= molar region of maxilla and mandible.
    • Inserts= orbicularis oris.
    • Action= Compresses cheek, draws corner of mouth laterally.
  6. Platysma
    • Originates= fascia of chest (over pectoral muscles and deltoid)
    • Inserts= lower margin of mandible, and skin and muscle at corner of mouth.
    • Action= Tenses skin of neck. Helps depress mandible; plus lower lip back and down.
  7. Masseter
    • Originates= Zygomatic arch and zygomatic bone.
    • Inserts= Angle and ramus of mandible.
    • Action= Elevates mandible
  8. Temporalis (skip)
    • Origin= Temporal fossa.
    • insertion= coronoid process of mandible via a tendon that passes deep to zygomatic arch.
    • Action= Closes jaw;Elevates and retracts mandible; maintains position of mandible at rest
  9. Hyoglossus
    • Origin= Body and greater horn of hyoid
    • Insertion= inferolateral tongue.
    • Action= Depresses tongue and draws its sides downward.
  10. Styloglossus
    • Origin= Styloid process of temporal bone
    • Insertion= Lateral inferior aspect of tongue
    • Action= Retracts and elevates tongue.
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