HR 5117 ELL Chapt 3

  1. Tort
    a private or civil wrong or injury, caused by one party or another, either intentionally or negligently
  2. Imputation
    Accusation, Insinuation
  3. Defamation
    An intentional, false, and harmful communication
  4. Libel
    A written falsehood
  5. Slander
    A spoken falsehood
  6. Strict Liability
    Plaintiffs prevails without proving negligence
  7. Qualified Priviledge
    Immunity from a suit in the absence of malice
  8. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
    Purposely outrageous conduct causing emotional harm
  9. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress
    Carelessly outrageous conduct causing emotional harm

    Simpson v Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORM)
  10. Tortious Interference with Contract
    Unprivileged intrusion into a contractual relationship

    A cause of action aimed at a third party who allegedly caused the plaintiff to be fired or interferes with his/her ability to get a job
  11. Retaliatory Demotion
    Reduction in rank, salary, or job title as a punishment
  12. Trade Secrets
    Proprietary information protected by common law or state statute
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HR 5117 ELL Chapt 3
HR 5117 ELL Chapt 3