Unit 45

  1. be successful in (some job)
    get ahead in
  2. accept (some responsibility)
    take on
  3. hire / employ someone
    take someone on
  4. give someone the necessary information
    fill someone in
  5. leave some job or position so that someone else can do it instead
    stay down
  6. start a job or start being responsible for something that someone else was
    take over
  7. do or complete something (especially something important)
    carry out
  8. leave your job, especially so that someone else can do it
    step down
  9. give someone else the responsibility or control
    hand over
  10. provide or arrange something for someone
    fix up
  11. arrange something to happen or a particular date (but it can be changed later)
    pencil up
  12. stop working, especially in the end of the day
    knock off
  13. lose your job because you have nothing to do
    to be laid off
  14. increase the effectiveness or enhance the success of by further actio
    follow up
  15. work in a group in order to achieve something
    pull together
  16. go away from someone so thay they do / continue doing something by themselves
    leave somebody to something
Card Set
Unit 45
It's base on English Phrasal Verbs in Use by Michael McCarthy and Felicity O'Dell