Bioen ch 8

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  1. common biological ions
    Ca2+, K+, Na+, Cl-, (HCO3)-
  2. ions move across cell membranes
    charge & concentration gradients
  3. charge on an electron
  4. ionic current
    flows in the same direction as the flow of positively charged ions (against neg charge)
  5. voltage
    the amount of work needed to move a UNIT chage between two points
  6. conductance (G)
    reciprocal of resistance
  7. passive sign convention
    the positive sign for the voltage reference is put on the side of the resistor where the positive current enters
  8. resistivity of bulk materials
    resistive properties of a small incremental volume of the material making up the larger device
  9. conductivity
    recipricol of resistivity
  10. diode
    one way "valve"
  11. anode
    positively charged elecrtrode by which electrons leave a device
  12. cathode
    negatively charged electrode by which electrons enter a device
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