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  1. Study on college students in favor of mandatory comprehensive exams: bottom line
    If speaker has a strong argument with high personal relevance then it will work if there is low personal relevance a strong argument will work more also
  2. TV ads and kids
    Young kids do not discriminate between ads and programs even older kids do not recognize persuasive intent of ads
  3. Strong attitudes and persuasion
    Strong attitudes are better able to withstand persuasive attacks of appeal specifically directed at them
  4. Grown UPS and persuasions
    Grown UPS are harder to persuade than kids thus their attitudes are More likely to remain unchanged as time passes
  5. Strategies to changing peoples attitudes) if attitude is primarily cognitively based then..
    Try to change with rational arguments
  6. Strategies to changing peoples attitudes) if attitude is affectively based then...
    Appeal to audiences emotions
  7. What are examples of cognitively based? (3)
    -vacuum cleaners

    -car insurance

  8. Utilitarian products are based upon which type of attitudes?
    Cognitively based attitudes
  9. Social identify products are based on which type of attitudes?
    affectively based attitudes
  10. What are 3 examples of affectively based attitudes?
    -scent of perfume

    -designer products

  11. Fear appeals) what do these try to do?
    They try to emphasize harmful physical or social consequences
  12. Fear appeals) effective fear appeals (2)...
    -moderate amount of fear

    -information provided on how to reduce fear
  13. Persuasion through advertisement) consumers and buying decisions
    Half of consumers purchases are impulse buys thus they typically do not think about what they buy
  14. Advertising) more products are bought if they are... (5)
    -eye level

    -closer to check out

    -contain words: new, quick, easy

    -contain: animals, babies, sex appeal

    -bundle pricing
  15. Resisting persuasion) attitude inoculation
    People can better resist a persuasive communication if they have been exposed to mild persuasive attempts before receiving the actual message
  16. Resisting persuasion) 3 ways to resist persuasion
    -attitude inoculation

    -be aware

    -avoid reactance
  17. reactance theory) result of the study of graffiti on wall and type of message
    More graffiti resulted with stronger message or threat.

    *Do not write on these walls under any circumstances as opposed to please don't write on these walls.
  18. What are subliminal messages?
    Words or pictures that are not consciously perceived but supposedly influence people's judgments, attitudes, and behaviors
  19. Subliminal advertising) cause and effect of new jersey theatre flashing subliminal messages
    -flashed drink coca cola and eat popocorn

    -reported that coke and popcorn sales increased
  20. Subliminal advertising) what was the reaction to the new jersey theatre flashing subliminal messages?
    FCC banned the use of subliminal message on radio and TV
  21. Subliminal advertising) Is there any evidence that subliminal messages work?
    There is no evidence that the types of subliminal messages used in everyday life have any influence on behavior
  22. Subliminal advertising) what were the results of the audio taped subliminal messages? And what was the participants reaction?
    Neither tape had any effect but the participants thought the tapes worked even when they were misinformed
  23. For priming to be effective, which conditions must be met? (3)
    -illumination of room

    -seated certain distance from screen

    -no distractions
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