Mu Phi Week 2

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  1. Where was MPE founded?
    Metropolitan College of Music, Cincinnati, OH
  2. When was MPE founded?
    November 3, 1903
  3. Who founded MPE?
    WInthrop S. Sterling and Elizabeth Mathias Fuqua
  4. Why was MPE founded?
    • To have a sorority for women comparable in aim to Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fraternity for men
    • to advance the cause of music in America
    • develop friendship through their common interest in music
  5. What was the first chapter?
    Alpha chapter, organized with eight charter members, and sic joined directly after the chapter was founded
  6. What was the second chapter?
    Beta chapter at the England Conservatory in Boston, MA on December 3, 1903
  7. What was the third chapter?
    Gamma chapter at the Michigan School of Music, Ann Arbor, MI on May 20, 1904
  8. What was the first international chapter?
    Alpha Tau at Philippine Women's University in 1962
  9. What is the Tech chapter and when was it founded?
    Beta Theta, May 29, 1966
  10. What is Founders Day?
    a day observed by collegiate and alumni chapters on November 13 every year
  11. What is the Founder's Day Fund?
    a donation made by all chapters each year
  12. How much is the Founder's Day Fund?
    1 penny/year since founded, so since this year is the 111th year, the fee is $1.11
  13. What does the Founder's Day Fund support?
    The two competitions of Mu Phi Epsilon
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