Overcoming Objections

  1. I'm not ready right now
    I totally appreciate the fact that you're not ready right now, but if you were dying tomorrow; "shopping and thinking about it" is not going to protect your spouse and children.

    We can take the application and get the coverage in place and you still have the 20 day free look period.
  2. Buyer's Remorse
    Not completing Para-Meds or
    Says they can't afford it
    Let's just do this, go ahead and do your medical exam anyway. You gave me a check for $___

    Our minimum program is $15 a month. Something is better than nothing.

    So worse case scenario, I'm going to deliver a policy to you and you tell me all you can afford is $15 a month. You already gave me $___ and that will cover you for ____ months. So instead of $____ being your first payment, you won't have any more payments until (Month/Year) and that will be only $15.

    Something is better than nothing isn't it?
  3. I have group coverage (at work)
    I can certainly understand how you feel and I'm sure you enjoy the benefits your employer provides you. Most people feel that if they have group term insurance now they don't need personal coverage outside of work. However, let me share with you a story of a postal worker.

    Would you agree that government employees are typically better covered than employees whose plan is purchased by ehte average employer out there?

    Well, after the father of a friend (who now works in our company) was severely injured in a car accident the wife called the HR department to verify the fact that he was covered because he was in critical condition. They assured the family that he was covered as long as he was a legal employee and on the payroll. Well, after a period of them he fell off the postal payroll and shortly thereafter died due to his injuries.

    What do you think the HR person said regarding his group life insurance weeks after the father was no longer an employee?

    The widow and the family didn't get a single penny after he had worked for the post office for over 15 years.

    So if you're disabled, how long will your current employer keep you on the payroll as a legal employee?

    Would you agree that they're not going to keep you on forever?

    So, we probably shouldn't rely completely on the current group coverage offered to provide for 100% of the support of your loved ones then, should we?
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