Human Systems part 1 (extra credit)

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  1. What are The 4 Functions of the Skeletal System?
    • 1. Protects vital organs
    • 2. Supports structures on the body
    • 3. Allows movement
    • 4. Manufactures blood cells
  2. What is Cartilage?
    A type of connective tissue found in the embryonic skeleton
  3. What is ligaments?
    tough fibrous tissue connecting bone to bone
  4. What is bone marrow?
    connective tissue found inside bones.
  5. What does red marrow do?
    Red Marrow manufactures blood cells
  6. What are the 3 bones of the axial skeleton?
    • 1. Skull
    • 2. Vertebral Column
    • 3. Ribcage
  7. What are the three types of muscle tissue in the muscular system?
    • 1. Smooth
    • 2. Cardiac
    • 3. Skeletal
  8. What is the characteristics of Smooth muscle?
    • Structure: Muscle Fiber, nucleus
    • Location: Lungs, Stomach, large/small intestines
    • Function: Peristalsis
  9. What are the characteristics of cardiac muscle?
    • Structure: Muscle Fiber, intercalated disc nuclei, striation
    • Location: Heart
    • Function: Pump blood to entire body
  10. What are the characteristics of Skeletal muscle?
    • Structure: Muscle Fiber nuclei, striation
    • Location:
    • Function:
  11. What are the three major functions of the skeletal muscle??
    • 1. General Body movement
    • 2. Maintaining posture
    • 3. Source of body heat
  12. What are the 3 main parts of a Skeletal Muscle??
    • 1. Origin
    • 2. Insertion
    • 3. Belly
  13. What's an antagonist?
    a muscle which performs an opposite movement
  14. What is a flexor?
    a muscle that bends to a body part
  15. What is an extensor?
    a muscle that straightens out a body part
  16. What is a tendon?
    the attachment between muscle and bone
  17. What do the biceps do?
    flexes the forearm
  18. What do the triceps do?
    Extends the forearm
  19. What does the sternocleidomastoid do?
    Turns the head
  20. What does the pectoralis do??
    Flexes and rotates the arm
  21. What does the deltoid do?
    raises the arm
  22. What does the trapezius do?
    raises and lowers shoulders
  23. what do the latissimus dorsi do?
    pulls the arm backward
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