Overview and Development of Medical Technology

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  1. number of beds in a small size hospital
  2. number of beds in a medium size hospital
  3. number of beds in a large size hospital
  4. director of clinical laboratory
  5. practice of medicine which contributes to diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment through knowledge gained by laboratory applications of the biologic, chemical or physical sciences to man or material obtained from a man
  6. area of pathology which involves diagnosis of surgical tissues
    anatomic pathology
  7. area of pathology which specializes in chemical, microbiological, and hematologic procedures
    clinical pathology
  8. Father of Medicine
  9. 4 humors or body fluids of the body described by Hippocrates
    • Blood
    • Phlegm
    • Yellow Bile
    • Black Bile
  10. oldest laboratory procedure
  11. he was the first to identify intestinal parasites in 1500 B.C.
    Vivian Herrick
  12. a book for treatment of disease
    believed to be the beginning of medical technology
    Ebers Papyrus
  13. he believed that medical technology began from the medieval period as supported by the fact that urinalysis was a fad
    Ruth Williams
  14. he believed that medical technology started when a prominent Italian doctor at the University of Bologna employed a man to perform different tasks in the laboratory
    Anne Fagelson
  15. Employed man that died due to laboratory acquired infection during the 14th century

    employed by an Italian doctor at the University of Bologna
    Alessandra Giliani
  16. he invented and improved the compound microscope in 1632
    Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
  17. first to describe rbc, see protozoa, and classify bacteria according to shape
    Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
  18. greatest of the early users of the microscope

    Founder of Pathology
  19. youngest of the medical specialists who became the founder of the Archives of Pathology in Berlin
    Rudolph Virchow
  20. he performed the first quantitative test for urine sugar in 1848
    Herman Fehling
  21. when were the different dyes used in staining microorganisms discovered?
    middle of the 15th century
  22. When was the Emergence of clinical laboratories in the US?
    late 19th century
  23. He gave the first laboratory course in pathology ever offered in an American Medical School

    Became the first professor of Pathology at John Hopkins University

    He established a laboratory at the Bellevue Hospital Medical College
    Dr William H Welch
  24. He opened the first clinical laboratory at John Hopkins Hospital in 1896
    Dr William Osler
  25. He wrote "A Manual of Clinical Diagnosis" in 1908 and was later renamed to "Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods"

    it became the standard reference for laboratories
    Dr James C Todd
  26. the school that was first to offer a degree level program in medical technology
    University of Minnesota
  27. laboratory established by the 6th US Army during World War II
    26th Medical Laboratory now known as Public Health Laboratory
  28. where was the first clinical laboratory established?
    Quiricada Sta Cruz, Manila
  29. they reorganized the laboratory left by the 6th US Army

    Which one was the Manila City health Officer at that time?
    • Dr Pio de Roda
    • Dr Mariano Icasiano (MCH Officer)
  30. Who offered the first training program for individuals aspiring to become laboratory workers in the Philippines?
    • Dr Pio de Roda
    • Dr Prudencia Sta Ana
    • Dr Briones (last to join)
  31. she was an American medical practitioner and a missionary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the Philippines and was named "The Founder of Medical Technology Education" in the country
    Mrs Willa Hilgert Hedrick
  32. Where was the first 4-yr BS Med Tech course offered in 1954?
    Philippine Union College of Baesa, Caloocan (now Adventist University of the Philippines) located in Silang, Cavite
  33. first graduate of BS Medical Technology
    Dr Jesse Umali
  34. they offered medical technology as an elective to 4th and 5th year BS Pharmacy students in UST
    • Dr Antonio Gabriel
    • Dr Gustavo Reyes
  35. What is PASMETH
    Philippine Association of Medical Technology and Public Health
  36. the national organization of about 50 recognized schools of medical technology in the Philippines
  37. First president of PASMETH
    Dr Gustavo Reyes
  38. the only accredited professional organization of all registered medical technologists in the PH
  39. he organized the PAMET

    Father of PAMET
    Mr Crisanto Almario
  40. First President of PAMET

    known for Emergence of the Profession
    Mr Charlemagne Tamondong
  41. PAMET president: Professional Recognition
    Mr Nardito Moraleta
  42. PAMET president: Legislative Agenda
    Mr Felix Asprer
  43. PAMET president: Celebration of the Practice
    Mr Bernardo Tabaosares
  44. PAMET president: Career Advocacy
    Ms Angelina Jose
  45. PAMET president: Educational Advancement
    Ms Venerable Oca
  46. PAMET president: Image Building
    Ms Carmencita Acedera
  47. PAMET president: Proactivism
    Ms Marilyn Atienza
  48. PAMET president: International Leadership
    Dean Norma N Chang
  49. PAMET president: Organizational Dynamism
    Ms Agnes Medenilla
  50. PAMET president: Interdisciplinary Networking
    Ms Shirley Cruzada
  51. PAMET president: Beyond Expectations
    Dr Leila Florento
  52. PAMET insignia which symbolizes the continuous involvement where practice and education are always integrated
  53. PAMET insignia which symbolizes the trilogy of Love Respect and Integrity
  54. PAMET insignia which symbolizes the color of Health
  55. PAMET insignia which symbolizes the Medical technology profession
    Microscope and Snake
  56. year of the first PAMET election
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