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  1. Twice cooked pork cheeks
    Roasted spaghetti squash, massa de pimentao, crispy squash seeds
  2. Makhani curried butternut squash tamale
    fried farm egg, Luz's Oaxacan mole, green tomato salsa, mint crema
  3. Ham & Farm Eggs
    Shirred farm eggs with white cheddar, house Tasso house pickles, bourbon mustard
  4. Belly & scallops
    sweet hot tomato jam, smoked carrot puree, balsamic
  5. Chicken fried chicken livers
    Sriacha honey, roasted tomato aioli, buttermilk drop biscuit
  6. Bone Marrow
    Cherry mostarda, pickled berries, grilled rye
  7. Baby Kale
    lemon anchovy vinaigrette, aged Gouda, crispy chicken skin
  8. LK arugula
    • Squaky's newly-legal chèvre, smoked cherry vinaigrette, vanilla rosemary walnuts
  9. Baby greens
    farmer John's green house tomatoes, buttermilk Boursin dressing, Myzithra, toasted pumpkin seeds
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