Religion 150

  1. Religion
    Set of beliefs concerning the nature and purpose of the universe
  2. Max Muller
    Focused on textbook studies, launched religious study
  3. Rudolt Otto
    Focused on "the holy" religion is experiences of an outside entity
  4. Karl Marx
    Religion is the Opiate
  5. Max Weber
    Religion affects social actions
  6. William James
    Religion is deeply individualized
  7. Paul Tilich
    One's primary motivation
  8. Emile Durkheim
    A religion is a unified system of Beliefs and practices
  9. swastika
    • In India means good fortune
    • means Nazis everywhere else
  10. Atheism
    Belief that God does not exist
  11. Agnostic
    Does not belief nor disbelief in religion
  12. Polytheism
    Belief in many deities
  13. Dualism
    Belief in opposing powers
  14. Pantheism
    Finding the divine in nature
  15. Monotheism
    Belief in one God
  16. Mysticism
    the practice of experiencing the divine
  17. Ascentism
    renunciants, giving up on the world seeking spiritual advancement
  18. Lay follower
    The normal follower
  19. Indigenous Religions
    Religious traditions of a particular people that is intrinsically linked to the landscape, language, and culture of the people
  20. Buddhism comes to Japan through what?
    Korean Diplomats
  21. Some view Buddha as Kami (spirits)
  22. Asuka Period
    Japan Buddhism comes from China and Korea
  23. Nara Period
    Prince Shotoku pronounces Buddhism as official language
  24. Heian Period
    Prince Shotoku pronounces Buddhism as official language
  25. Kamakura Period
    • Pureland Zen
    • Nichiren Groups
  26. Edo Period
    leadino to the redtoration of the meiji
  27. Empress Suiko
    Empress of Japan who officially recognizes Buddhism and becomes Buddhist nun
  28. Prince Shotoku
    • Nephew of Suiko
    • Creates centralized government allowing Buddhism to spread rapidly
    • Built various temples and made Buddhism official religion
  29. Emperor Kammu
    Limits growth of Buddhism
  30. 5 Sects
    • Tendai
    • Shingon
    • Pureland
    • Zen¬†
    • Nichiren
  31. Tendai sect
    • founded by saicho and is largest group
    • training for Buddhists
  32. Shingon Sect
    • Founded by kukai
    • focus on ritual fire
  33. Pureland Sect
    devotional groups
  34. Zen Sect
    Focuses on meditation
  35. Pureland
    • Physical place that has perfect conditions for enlightenment
    • today it is metaphor for living compassionately in this world
    • Worship Bodhisattvas and Buddhas
  36. Nembutsu
    Chanting name of Buddha
  37. Zen
    Most popular form of Buddhism in the West
  38. Two groups of rinzai
    Koan and Satori
  39. You can blend American Buddhist with other religions
  40. Waves of Immigration
    • California Gold Rush
    • World's Parliament of Religions
    • Post WWII
  41. Buddhist Ideals
    • Destroy Ego
    • non attachment to material world
    • freedom from desires
  42. Vietnam War
    • Conflict between Buddhist and Catholic
    • Brought Buddhism into American Spotlight
  43. Buddhism in Hawaii
    Arrives with Immigrants from Japan and China
  44. Daoism
    Human nature is good and gov should be small
  45. Confucianism
    Human nature is good and gov should provide moral leadership
  46. Legalism
    Man is bad and gov should have power
  47. ancient worldview of Chinese religions
    • balance and harmony
    • goal is to restore and maintain balance of natural world
  48. Ancestor Veneration (Chinese Religion)
    worship and offerings to spirits
  49. Oracle Bones (Chinese Religion)
    Communicating with ancestors
  50. Shangdi
    god on high
  51. tain
  52. Founder of Daoism
    • Lao Tzu
    • mother carried him in the womb for 60 years
  53. dao de jing
    written by lao tzu
  54. Dao
    • Primordial energy¬†
    • source of all
    • union with dao can bring spiritual purity
  55. ying yang
    natural forces that represent reality
  56. yin
    everything that is feminine cold hard
  57. Yang
  58. Qi
    energy life force from dao
  59. what is the way of the dao
    dao de jing
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