2014 NEC code changes

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  1. The purpose of this code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity.  This code______ intended as a design specification or an instruction manual for untrained persons.
    shall be
    is not
    shall not be
    is not. (revised) article 90(A)
  2. Article 393 is what starting in 2014?
    Low-Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution Systems:
  3. Article 646 is new in 2014 and is titled what?

    Are these permanently installed?
    Modular Data Centers.

  4. Article 728?

    This system is crucial for what?
    Fire-Resistive Cable Systems

    crucial for the survivability of life safety circuits.
  5. article 750 is new in 2014 and involves what?
    Energy Management Systems. This new article provide general requirements and address the types of loads to be controlled through energy management.
  6. Under article 100 there are new definitions in 2014, one of which is adjustable speed drive. This is what type of equipment?
    power conversion equipment.
  7. New in 2014.  Neon tubing is a type of?
    a. Resonance Gas Discharge Lighting (RGDL)
    b. Inert Gas Discharge Lighting
    c. Ion Discharge Lighting
    d. Electric-Discharge Lighting
    • Electric Discharge Lighting.
    • Article 100 NEC 2014
  8. A type of fuse depending on the type of control selected may or may not operate in a current-limiting fashion.
    A. fixed trip fuse
    B. electronically actuated fuse
    C. edison fuse 
    d adjustable trip fuse
    B. Electronically actuated fuse.  New definition in NEC NFPA 70 as of 2014
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  9. What is an enclosed channel of nonmetallic materials designed expressly for holding communications wires and cables? New in 2014 NEC NFPA 70E
    A. Din Rail Raceway
    B. ENT Raceway
    C. Communications raceway
    D. Panduit Raceway
    C. Communications raceway.  Note: Din Rail is Metal and is not a raceway. 
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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