Yoga Anatomy

  1. Medial/Proximal
    toward the midline
  2. Lateral/Distal
    away from the midline
  3. Internal Rotation
    toward the midline
  4. External Rotation
    away from the midline
  5. Ventral
    front of the body
  6. Dorsal
    back of the body
  7. Flexion
    decreases the angle
  8. Extension
    increases the angle
  9. Pronation
    toward the midline
  10. Supination
    away from the midline
  11. Adduction
    toward the middle
  12. Abduction
    away from the midline
  13. Protraction
    anterior movement of the shoulders
  14. Retraction
    posterior movement of shoulders
  15. Mandible
  16. Cervical vertebrae
    7 in all; neck
  17. Thoracic spine
    12 vertebrae attached to ribs
  18. Lumbar spine
    5 vertebrae below ribs
  19. Sacrum
    fused vertebrae in the pelvice girdle
  20. Coccyx
  21. Clavicle
  22. Scapula
    shoulder blade
  23. Sternum
  24. Humerus
    upper arm bone; largest bone in arm; only bone in upper arm
  25. Radius
    extends laterally from elbow to thumb
  26. Ulna
    parallel to Humerus; joins Radius to make elbow joint; joins Metacarpals; together with Humerus allows for movement in forearm
  27. Carpals
    eight small bones in wrist; seven bones in ankle
  28. Metacarpals
    make up the "knuckles" of the hand and foot
  29. Phalanges
    long bones in the toes and fingers
  30. Femur
    thigh bone
  31. Patella
  32. Tibia
    large bone in lower leg; shinbone
  33. Fibula
    calf bone
  34. Calcaneus
    heel bone
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