cognition exam 2a part 3

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  1. Describe what declarative / explicit memoryis
    long-term memory that can be retrieved and reflected on consciously
  2. Describe what non-declarative / implicitmemory is
    knowledge that can influence thought and behavior without any necessary involvement of conscious awareness
  3. Describe what episodic memory is
    Autobiographical memory, personally experienced and remembered events of a lifetime, and a mental autobiography
  4. Describe what the problem is of episodic memory
    we expect autobiographical memory, however there are too many confounds in the world, and is too difficult to study

    So instead, we study the process of encoding and how to effectively store information in long-term memory
  5. Describe what semantic memory is
    general world knowledge, concepts, ideas and their relationships

    Knowledge of language, and a mental encyclopedia
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