Foundations of Art and Design- Midterm

  1. Nonobjective Art/Nonrepresentational
    Abstract art and nonrepresentational, doesn't portray objects from the visible world.
  2. Iconography
    Study of the themes and symbols in the visual arts.
  3. Picture plane
    Imaginary surface of a painting that separates the viewer from the image.
  4. Principles of Design
    Visual strategies used by artists, along with the elements of art.
  5. Visual Elements
    Line. shape, value, color, texture, space
  6. Medium
    Materials used in creating art
  7. Pictogram
    Picture represents a word or an idea, hieroglyphic
  8. Quality of line
    Thick or thin, smooth or rough
  9. Pictorial Space
    2D work of art, illusionary space that seems to recede from the picture plane into the distance.
  10. Abstract expressionism
    Style of painting and sculpture of the 1940s and 1950s, abstract images with gestural brushwork
  11. Surrealism
    20th century art style where imagery is stemed from unconscious sources and takes on fantastic form
  12. Volume
    Mass or bulk of 3d work
  13. Form
    Shape in 3d works
  14. Mass
    Bulk of 3d work
  15. Implied mass
    Objects depicted as 3d
  16. Cubism
    20th century style developed by Picasso and Braque
  17. Abstract
    No reference to reality or abstracted from reality.
  18. Amorphous
    Without shape
  19. Sfumato
    Allowing tones and colors to shade into one another, producing softened outlines
  20. Achromatic
    Without color
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Foundations of Art and Design- Midterm
Foundations of Art and Design- Midterm