psychopathology short-answer

  1. 1. Personality Disorder NOS best describes an individual who:
    Doesn’t meet the requirement for any specific personality disorder, but show signs of more than one personality disorder
  2. Which of these is not a type of Narcissism? (Millon p.337)
  3. Dyspareunia requires which of following? (DSM p. 556)
    Marked distress
  4. Sexual pain when using a substance would result in which diagnosis (DSM p.565)
    Substance- Induced Sexual Dysfunction
  5. Exhibitionism must last for how long to be diagnosable (DSM, p.569)
    6 months
  6. Pedophilia does not have which of these specifiers (DSM, p.572)
    Unlimited Attraction
  7. Gender Identity Disorder NOS can include which of the following (DSM, p.582)
    • Intersex conditions
    • Transient, stress-related cross-dressing
    • Persistent preoccupation with castration or penectomy without desires to acquire the sex characteristics of the other sex
  8. An Individual who is reluctant to confide in others because of unwarranted fear that the information will be used maliciously against him or her would describe one of the criterion for which disorder (Maxmen, p.551)
    Paranoid Personality Disorder
  9. Histrionic Personality Disorder is prevalent in about what percentage of the inpatient and outpatient psychiatric populations? (Maxmen, p.557)
  10. Which of these is not a difference between Schizoid and Schizotypal personality disorders? (Maxmen, p. 555)
    Schizotypals are less likely to display bizarre and peculiar triats
  11. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is a pattern of preoccupation with all of the following EXCEPT:
    viewpoints of others
  12. Individuals with paranoid personality disorder are reluctant to confide in others because they fear:
    Information shared will be used against them
  13. Borderline personality disorder is about _______ times more common among first-degree biological relatives of those with the disorder than in the general population.
  14. A person with histrionic personality disorder feels uncomfortable and unappreciated when they are not:
    The center of attention
  15. A Diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder is when the person lacks:
  16. Dyspareunia is a type of
    Sexual Pain Disorder
  17. Intense sexually arousing fantasies involving an inanimate object is called
  18. Conversion symptoms are related to voluntary motor or sensory functioning and are thus referred to as:
  19. The prevalence of hypochondriasis in the general population is:
  20. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is:
    Equally common in men and women
  21. Wakefield (2006) states that a mental disorder is a psychological or behavioral condition if it:
    • Is negative or harmful based on cultural norms.
    • Is caused by some kind of failed psychological mechanism
  22. How would Wakefield (2006) explain the cultural deviance requirement (CDR):
    The experiences and behaviors must deviate from cultural expectations.
  23. Wakefield (2006) would argue that the largest contributing factor in the cause of personality development is:
  24. Clark (2005) identified three temperament dimensions of:
    Negative affectivity, positive affectivity and disinhibition.
  25. Clark (2005) proposes a more _____________ model for the DSM-V structure of disorders:
  26. The sexual disorders are categorized as either __________ or ___________
    Situational, generalized
  27. The most frequent personality disorder diagnosed is:
    Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
  28. In order to qualify for a diagnosis of paraphilia the client must exhibit symptoms that are intense and recurrent over a period of :
    6 months
  29. To receive a diagnosis of pedophilia, the offender must be at least how old?
    16 years old
  30. Research has indicated that antisocial and _____________ personalities are gender related variants of the same underlying genetic diathesis.
  31. Which Personality Disorder is not a part of the Cluster B disorders?
  32. According to the DSM, the prevalence rate of Antisocial Personality Disorder is:
    1% females and 3% males
  33. The personality disorder characterized by the pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affect is:
  34. Narcissistic personality disorder has difficulty with interpersonal relationships because of:
    • Entitlement issues
    • Constant need for admiration
    • Disregard for the sensitivity of others
  35. What are examples of personality disorder NOS?
    • Depressive personality
    • Passive-aggressive
  36. People who suffer from hypoactive sexual desire may also suffer from:
    • Medical conditions
    • Mood disorders
  37. Pedophilia is often comorbid with which disorders?
    • Mood disorders
    • Anxiety disorders
  38. To diagnose an individual under 18 years old with a personality disorder, the features must be:
    Present for 1 year
  39. Which personality disorders tend to remit with age?
    Borderline and Antisocial
  40. The subtypes of sexual dysfunction disorders include:
    • Lifelong type
    • Acquired type
    • Generalized typed.
    • Situational type
  41. Personality traits turn into personality disorders when they (Maxmen, p. 547):
    • Become inflexible
    • Become maladaptive
    • Cause significant social and occupational impairment
  42. Personality Disorders are listed on which Axis? (Maxmen p 548):
    Axis II
  43. Cluster B is made up of which personality disorder (Maxmen, p. 550):
  44. An individual who almost always chooses solitary activities and appears indifferent to praise or criticism would most likely be diagnosed with which personality disorder (Millon, p 373):
  45. Which is variation of Schizoid Personality Disorder (Million, p. 409):
  46. The ultimate goal of therapy with an antisocial individual is (Million, p. 183):
    Develop a sense of nurturing attachment
  47. The essential feature of Sexual Aversion Disorder is (DSM-IV-TR, p. 541):
    Active avoidance of genital sexual contact with sexual partner
  48. The diagnostic criteria for Obsessive-compulsive Personality disorder does not involve (DSM, p. 729):
    Difficulty making decisions
  49. A personality disorder should only be diagnosed if (DSM, p. 686):
    Defining characteristics do no occur exclusively during an Axis I disorder
  50. The prevalence of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the clinical population ranges from (DSM, p. 717):a. 1-5%
  51. A Personality Disorder with a pattern of submissive and clinging behavior related to an excessive need to be taken care of, is consistent with:
    Dependent Personality Disorder (DSM, p. 685)
  52. Individuals diagnosed with a Personality Disorder in which they are characterized as dramatic, emotional or erratic f, is consistent with:
    Cluster B(DSM, p. 685)
  53. Personality disorders are _______ coded on Axis I and are _______ coded on Axis II.
    Never, Always (DSM, p. 687)
  54. Which of the following is not an area in which a pattern of behavior manifests itself as a result of a Personality Disorder:
    Intense relationships (DSM, p. 687)
  55. Antisocial Personality Disorder typically emerges in:
    B. Early childhood for boys and adolescence for girls (Maxmen, p. 298)
  56. The most common failure in treating sexual dysfunctions is overlooking the presence of:
    Additional Mental Disorder, Medical Condition and Drug Effect (Maxmen, p. 461)
  57. The human Sexual response cycle includes all but:
    Restitution (Maxmen, p. 458)
  58. Dsypareunia and Vaginismus are types of:
    Sexual Pain Disorders (Maxmen, p. 459)
  59. A patient diagnosed with which of the following Personality Disorders is likely to call the therapist office incessantly asking for advices of clarification and regularly schedule extra appointments:
    Dependant (Maxmen, p. 577)
  60. Someone who can only become sexually aroused by woman’s underwear, is likely to suffer from:
    Fetishism (Maxmen, p. 464)
  61. A person’s gender identity is determined by :
    An individual’s feelings of their gender
  62. The Human Sexual Response Cycle occurs in which order?
    Desire, Excitement, Orgasm, Resolution
  63. When discussing the prevalence of Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD), which of the following is true?
    Approximately 5% of men in the general population meet the diagnostic criteria for ASPD
  64. In reference to Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), the term ‘borderline’ refers to what?
    • Symptoms being ‘borderline’ neurotic and psychotic
    • Symptoms being ‘borderline’ Schizophrenic
  65. Which of the following is NOT a variant of Antisocial Personality Disorder?
  66. Regarding levels of dependency between men & women, which of the following is true:
    • Women report higher levels of dependency than men
    • Men and women show similar levels of dependency on projective measures
  67. The three modes of relating to others according to Karen Horney are moving towards others, moving against others, and moving away from others. Of the three, which is indicative of an individual with Dependent Personality Disorder?
    Moving towards other
  68. Of the listed Personality Disorders, which is most commonly associated with substance and alcohol abuse?
    Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  69. Which of the following therapeutic approach is designed specifically to work with Borderline individuals?
  70. The personality disorders fall into 3 clusters (A, B, &C). Which of the following is NOT a cluster?
  71. Interpersonally, people with Antisocial Personality Disorder:
    • try to control those around them
    • resist attempts to control them
  72. According to Millon, all of the following are subtypes of the Avoidant personality except:
  73. Histrionic Personality Disorder often needs to be differentiated from all of the following Personality Disorders except:
  74. People with which Personality Disorder feel insecure due to a real or imagined shortcoming of their own, but blame the outside world for this shortcoming. They often feel that others are mistreating them or are trying to harm them.
  75. When diagnosing Avoidant Personality Disorder, one should always make sure that the client does not have which Axis I disorder:
    • Social Phobia, Generalized Type
    • Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia
  76. “Flags” that a person may have Borderline Personality Disorder include all of the following except:
    persistent, intense fear that others are trying to harm them
  77. All of the following Personality Disorders are diagnosed more often in women except:
  78. A man who recently began having trouble maintaining an erection when with his girlfriend, but has no trouble maintaining it when thinking about sex would be diagnosed with which pair of specifiers for Male Erectile Disorder:
    Acquired, Situational
  79. Which of the following Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders is undergoing drastic revision as a result of stigmatization resulting from its diagnosis:
    Gender Identity Disorder
  80. Interpersonally this Personality Disorder would appear to others to be apologetic, compliant, overly gracious, and lacking in self-confidence:
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