Exam 2 Sig Phys

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  1. 6 Tendencies
    • 1: Too many responsibilities
    • 2: Excessive escapism
    • 3: Over emphasis of product over process
    • 4: Runaway individualism
    • 5: Excessive survivalism
    • 5: Oppressive rationalism
  2. The good life
    A plan for the life you want to live. Many people have a plan but fail to act upon it.
  3. examples of moral values
    • Justice/fairness/fairplay
    • sportsmanship
    • honesty
    • respect
    • compassion
  4. examples of social values
    • leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Efficiency
    • Disipline
    • Loyalty
  5. Non-moral values
    • Winning/success
    • health/wellness
    • pleasure/happiness
    • knowledge/ education
    • security, wealth & material goods
  6. What is Ethics
    The branch of philosophy that examines questions and issues concerning morality and assesses the normative value of the moral beliefs, decisions and actions of human agents
  7. Why is ethics a normative brand of inquiry?
    Ethics goes beyonds describing how humans act toward one another, and asks and examines how they should act toward one another
  8. What is moral reasoning
    unselfish reasoning: it recognizes the moral obligations we have to others and the moral rights of those others in sport and society
  9. What is strategic reasoning
    egoistic (self-based) reasoning: it is reasoning about what is most advantageous to do.
  10. What is Practical Reasoning?
    • a form of moral reasoning that seeks to determine both:
    • -defining excellences of a profession or social practice (ends)
    • -the guiding values that are essential to their achievement (means)
  11. What implications does practical reasoning have for kinesiology professionals
    • it helps them focus their reasoning on the best interests of the practice and the values that help protect them
    • It also helps them recognize the difference between strategic justifications for actions & decisions and ethical justifications for them
  12. What is a morally calloused individual?
    • -lack of moral awareness & self-awareness
    • -lack compassion and beneficence
    • -ignore moral issues & the problems of others
  13. How can you avoid becoming a morally calloused person?
    be aware of others' needs, wishes, & well-being
  14. Describe moral values
    motives and traits that help one act well in relation to others
  15. Describe social values
    Motives and traits values by the members of a particular society
  16. Describe non-moral values
    items, skills, experience & conditions people desire
  17. (6T) Too many responsiblities
    • 1:overemphasis on importance of job or career
    • 2: lack of awareness of others & over moral responsibilities to them
    • 3: Quantity and efficiency emphasized over quality
  18. (6T) Excessive escapism
    • 1:overuse of sport and physical activity as forms of escape from everyday life and problems
    • 2: over use of technology (WoW)
  19. (6T) overemphasis of product over process
    • 1: winning emphasized over competition
    • 2: image emphasized of substance and health
  20. (6T) runaway individualism
    • 1: overemphasis on inividual achievement and self-aggrandizement (increase)
    • 2: increase i cheating and unethical behavior; decline in sportsmanship
    • 3: lack of values
  21. (6T) excessive survialism
    • 1:overemphasis on the mechanistic health of the physical body
    • 2: overemphasis on extrinsic value of physical activity for health
    • 3: survival as a metaphor for winning
  22. (6T) oppressive rationalism
    • 1: overemphasis on the role of science & tech in human life
    • 2: lack of emphasis of play and the intrinsic value of physical activity
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