President: the Executive Branch

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  1. Neustadt
    • "power to persuade"
    • to be able to convince people that what the gov't wants done is also in the interest of the people.
  2. Head of State
    • a symbolic representative of the whole nation
    • apolitic
  3. Head of Government
    an actual representation of the whole nation
  4. Legislative Power of the President
    • State of the Union Address
    • Veto/Pocket Veto
    • Executive Orders
    • Judicial Appointments
  5. what does the State of the Union Address establish
    Legislative agenda
  6. Executive Orders
    President's interpretation of laws passed by Congress
  7. judicial powers of the president
    • Judges are appointed for life
    • must be 2/3 voted for in Senate
  8. Executive powers of president
    Commander in Chief
  9. How
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