1. 1. (212) Air Force Form 579 is destroyed after being retained for how many years after the final entry?
  2. 33. (213) it's necessary to initiate an Air Force Form 579. Controlled Substance Register when you receive a
    controlled drug order from one of your nursing units.
  3. 38. (216) Which Narcotic System Report option allows you to print the issue records for all controlled issues?
    Issue Report (General)
  4. 39. (216) Which Narcotic System Report would you most likely run if you had a missing Air Force Form 579?
    Outstanding Issue Report.
  5. 1. (223) Bulk order forms. such as Department of Defense (DD) Form 1150, Request for Issue or Turn-In. for controlled drugs are destroyed after
    3 year.
  6. 62. (224) How often should a Pharmacy and Therapeutic (P&T1 Function meet?
  7. 67. (226) Which Federal Drug Administration (FDA) reporting program is designed to capture information related to adverse drug reactions with the exception of vaccine products?
    MedWatch only.
  8. 68. (226) Which Federal Drug Administration (FDA) reporting program(s) is designed to capture information related to any unusual event following the administration of a vaccine product?
    Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) only.
  9. 69. (226) What is the name of the anonymous. internet-accessible medication reporting system that is designed to prevent and reduce medication errors'?
  10. 1. (227) Who is responsible for ensuring that all drugs in crash carts are in adequate quantities and suitable for use?
    Medical Group (MDG) commander.
  11. . (228) Who is primarily responsible for managing Medical expense performance reporting system (MEPRS) within the military treatment facility (MTF)?
    Medical Support Squadron Commander.
  12. 3. (228) To which functional category and cost code is pharmacy assigned within the Medical Expense Performance Reporting System (MEPRS)?
    Ancillary Services: D.
  13. 6. (229) A Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is equal to how many hours?
  14. 0. (229) In the Pharmacy Services Workload Report. what weighted value is given to -clinicissues"?
  15. 1. (229) After each section classifies and records patient and workload data. it is assimilated into which military treatment facility. (MTF-wide report?
    Report of Patients.
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