Plant Physiology Vocab (10-3-14)

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  1. Non-vascular plants
    water/nutrients diffuse to cells, needs water for fertilization
  2. Vascular plants
    has transport system for water/nutrients -> taller
  3. Seed plants
    don't need water for fertilization
  4. Gymnosperm
    seed plant; cone instead of fruit
  5. Angiosperm
    seed plant; flowers develop into fruit
  6. Monocot
    angiosperm; one cotyledon, scattered primary vascular bundles in stem
  7. Eudicot
    angiosperm; two cotyledons, ring shaped primary vascular bundles in stem
  8. Shoot system
    repeating modules of nodes, internodes, and buds
  9. Root system
    repeatedly branching root segments
  10. Apical-basal axis
    uneven cell division causes one cell to have less cytoplasm than the other
  11. Meristem
    groups of undifferentiated cells that continue to divide and create new tissues and organs throughout the life of a plant (Intermediate growth)
  12. Apical Meristem
    allow plants to lengthen (Primary growth)
  13. Lateral Meristem
    causes plants to thicken (Secondary growth)
  14. Dermal Tissue
    outer covering (epidermis), single cell layer; trichomes and leaf hairs
  15. Ground Tissue
    most of the body, between dermal and vascular tissues. for storage, support, and photosynthesis
  16. Parenchyma
    Ground tissue; parenchyma cells, living at maturity, thin primary cell walls, large central vacuole; photosynthesis, storage, wound healing, asexual reproduction
  17. Collenchyma
    Ground tissue; collenchyma cells, living at maturity, thick cell wall
  18. Sclerenchyma
    Ground tissue; fibers (long cells grouped in bundles for rigid support) and sclereids (round cells with hard shells), dead at maturity, thick secondary walls
  19. Vascular tissue
    plumbing (transports water/nutrients from production/intake to other areas)
  20. Xylem
    Vascular tissue; transports water and mineral ions from roots to rest of plant, dead at maturity
  21. Tracheids
    Xylem; ancient, tapered but no hole passes through pits (diffusion)
  22. Vessel elements
    Xylem; angiosperms, long and tubular, open at both ends (pipes)
  23. Phloem
    Vascular tissue; transport carbs from sources to sinks, alive at maturity, cell walls have pores (plasmodesmata) that connect (Sieve plates)
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